Poems by Antonio Bernard Ma-at

Επιμέλεια: Εύα Πετροπούλου Λιανού

Bio: Antonio Bernard Ma-at, a globally collaborative author, fuses diverse cultural influences into his work. His anthologies, competition wins, and “Mothers of the World” compilation highlight personal success and community empowerment. Serving as a poetry lecturer and Philippines Executive Director, Antonio nurtures emerging writers. Recognized as a Top Ten Contemporary Author, his impact extends worldwide, including a Guinness World Record project. Antonio’s story is one of artistic dedication, cross-cultural fusion, and meaningful influence.

Wondering Mind

In the realm of wonders,

where nature’s secrets hide,

Flowers unfurl in silence,

trees exhale with pride.

Mountains stir with faith’s embrace,

clouds dance in unseen bliss,

Marvels unfolding in realms untouched,

a divine eternal kiss.

As daylight fades,

a symphony of thoughts takes flight,

A nebula of ideas,

flickering through the night.

Like a distant star,

veiled in shadows deep,

It sparkles within the very air, where mysteries quietly seep.

In a tapestry of words,

I pour my heart’s desire,

Yet, some truths elude description,

engulfed in a sacred fire.

The purpose of my soul’s whispers,

I cannot fully comprehend,

But they echo with questions,

in a search that knows no end.

The Pearl of the night sky.

I dance again,

with the pearl of the night sky.

Even if my feet burns in the stage of oblivion

or my souls ashes purge in the depths of night

I’ll dance again,

with the pearl of the night sky.

Its glorious light that sets me free.

Captivates the stars,

the sky,

the breeze of sea.

Unknown to tongues,

were hidden scars,

my bodies in pain

I felt insane

Yet I still be seen dancing,

with the pearl of the night sky.

Carving my mask once more

When a golden coin rises towards the skies horizon,

A bristling chapter of awareness glints to be discovered.

Begins in a wholesome bed.

I drowse and found I never rest.

Each day I’m called to play

to form a mask made out of clay.

Reading my lines

Changing my styles.

over and over

I flicker and never shine.

I carved my mask once more.

Desirous of a howl,

from a crowd that adore.

This bloodlust within,

pierced through the layers of my skin.

blazing my eyes

Crystallizing my mind.

To keep playing the same role,

with a new mask once more.