Omara Ibrahim: “I hope peace prevails in the world”

Συνεντεύξεις με ξένους λογοτέχνες. Σας παρουσιάζουμε τον Omara Ibrahim Hussein Omar, poet and literary critic

Επιμέλεια συνέντευξης: Εύα Πετροπούλου Λιανού

Mετάφραση: Taghrid Bou Merhi

Omara Ibrahim Hussein Omar. Former member of the board of directors of the Egyptian writers union. Member of most cultural and literary conferences in Egypt and Arab countries. Member of the Al Babtain Arab dictionary. Member of the great encyclopedia of Arab poets. Member of the Egyptian poets’ dictionary “Supreme Culture”. General leader of many cultural palaces conferences. Many of my works have been taught in Egyptian and other universities. Many of my works have been published in periodicals Egyptian and Arabic literature.

Presented to Arabic poetry:

  • Boarding the next flight (in 1999)
  • A window on the singing of the wind (2000)
  • Thirst mirrors (2003)
  • The rising of the birds (2007)
  • A room that arranges shade (2009)
  • Trembling of joy (2012)
  • The argument (2015)
  • Poetry selections (2015)
  • A passing person is waiting (2018)
  • Gossip will not lead to death (2022)
  • Arabic poetry between the constant and the variable (2022)

In print: River groaning with water.

More than forty critics wrote about my experience. I won many honors and titles inside and outside Egypt.

When do you start writing? Awareness of the beginnings of poetic writing began when I was in middle school, and the teacher who was teaching me Arabic in the second year of middle school discovered it. He discovered the strength of the structures in the structure of my poetic rhythm, and this was evident in the literary topics that the teacher asks of the students. Then the development began with a lot of reading and reading about ancient and contemporary Arabic poetry. Also, it was the poetic translations of poets who write and express their environment and the culture of their people, as well as Arabic and foreign novels and theater. They had a growing role in reinforcing my poetic talent and in creating a poem that is not influenced by another poet other than me.

The good and the bad. Which wins these days? The platforms of poetry prevailed in our chaotic Arab world during this period because of the imaginary battles which takes place between the forms of writing in poetry. Some of the poets or arrangers see that the vertical poetry that is disciplined by the balance of the poetic sea’s. activations is the real thing, and what is below it is prose and does not rise to poetry While the poets of renewal assert that poetry now must benefit from technical and human development so that it can express its reality and its public and private issues, but the quality of poetry remains for a few poets, and it does not matter that poetry is written in any form, so the most important thing is its quality and power and its public and private issues.

How many books have you published and where can we find copies of them? My ten collections of poetry have been published in the institutions of the ministry of the Egyptian culture specialized in publishing important literary and poetic works. Some of them are available for sale in exhibitions and specialized libraries, such as the exhibitions of the Egyptian General Book organization. It can be done in cooperation with the various embassies of Egypt in the world with countries that wish to do such exhibitions by agreement to organize it on the territory of the country that wishes to do so there are bookstores and sales agents in Arab countries, for example: The Egyptian General book organization library in(Beirut, the new branch_Ras Beirut Hamra, Al-Sidni street Marbia center, and in most Arab countries). The Egyptian General Book organization participated in the exhibitions of most countries of the world with its publications and the poetry collection “Aber waits” was one of the most important books that was sold out at the India international book Fair in 2020 for example.

The electronic book or the volume book, what will the future be for them? The bound book is indispensable no matter how valuable the e_Book is our need for it; The latter gives us the speed of communication through its presence as an electronic content we have it quickly to be in our hands in all countries of the world, but the volume book is the remaining copy on the shelves of our libraries to be a witness and history through time that generations can retrieve over time and can’t any thief to obtain its material because it is preserved in the documentation house in the name of its owner and the publishing house that produced it.

What is your wish for the year 2023? Paragraph or phrase from your book? I hope that peace prevails in the world and humanity and that governments in the world stop producing weapons that destroy humanity nature and life and that everyone adheres to the justice and balance of human relations and that Homeland for the people of Palestine and stability in all countries of the world. Poetry will have its global presence above the official and unofficial platforms and the exchange will be above its global platforms between the world’s outstanding poets who are only bound by love peace and the transcendence of humanity.