Olga Levadnaya: “The role of poetry in life will become much more noticeable”

Επιμέλεια συνέντευξης: Εύα Πετροπούλου Λιανού

Please share your thoughts on the future of literature. When did you start writing? In high school, I started a diary.  She began to write down her feelings and experiences in verse.  At the time, I didn’t know where they came from. But over the years, I learned to some extent manage my subconscious. Feel how the theme, moods, lines are born there, but for the time being I tried to restrain it all … Although some poems splashed out on their own, without asking the author. I do not consider myself a person with hypersensitive perception, but I think that extrasensory perception will become the norm for every person in the future. Not sometime very, very soon, and maybe already in the middle of the 21st century, any creative person will have cosmic consciousness. Possibly, poets will begin to communicate with readers on the astral level. Then, of course, the role of poetry in life will become much more noticeable.  This is my favorite working hypothesis about our world and the place of literary creativity in it.

Good and bad. Who wins nowadays? Contemporary poetry focuses on the social future. We make plans, these plans influence each other, and their interconnection forms a space of love and happiness. In our time, the one who has the magic of the word wins.  Poems are prayer, verses are spells, verses are prophecies. The heart is the center of the universe, which gives life to everything. The poet tries to show the inner beauty of the word, to reveal its hidden meaning. How does this happen? Perhaps the subconscious has a connection with the cosmic information field.  But lately it seems to me that our subconscious is this field. It’s just that not everyone knows how to use it.

How many books have you written? And where can we find your books? Today I am the author of thirteen books of poetry and poetic prose in Russian, Tatar, English and Turkish.  My books have been published in Russia, USA, India, Turkey. In 2022, the two-volume “Favorites” was published, the result of my forty years of creative activity.  Books and anthologies with my participation can be found in libraries and bookstores of the Republic of Tatarstan, Turkey, USA, purchased through Blurb, Amazon.

Book. E-book or hardcover book. What will happen in the future? To my great regret, due to the shortage of paper, publishing houses reduce the range. First of all, they will print what sells well. There is a further reduction in the circulation of books and an increase in prices. Probably, e-books and audio books could partially save the situation, but there are a lot of problems in this option.  Difficult times have come. As for predicting how technology will affect printed books, it is not the form that should evolve, but the essence. In fact, the books that we hold in our hands today are the books of the future, although they do not seem so. It consists of emails, tweets, YouTube videos, mailing lists, crowdfunding campaigns, PDF conversions, and Amazon warehouses.

Wish for 2023. Phrase from your book. Let all conflicts everywhere and everywhere be resolved peacefully, let all bitter grievances be forgotten, let only bright, kind and good remain in memory. May there be peace and comfort in all corners of our magical planet!

“I paved the way for Love!”

Olga Levadnaya is a world-famous Russian poet, Honored Worker of Culture of the Republic of Tatarstan of the Russian Federation (2008), laureate of all-Russian and international literary awards (2007-2022), member of Russian and international literary unions (  1997-2022), Ambassador of Peace (2021), artistic head of the Kazan Poetry Theater “Dialogue” (2016).

Author of books: “I live in anticipation of snow” (1992), “Go through the vicious circle” (1998), “In free fall up” (in Russian and Tatar, 2003), “Close to our past” (2003  ), “Rising on the ladder of thoughts” (2005), “Memories grow from the cry of birds” (in Russian, English, Tatar and Turkish, 2005), “Stargate” (2010), “Wind of the heart” (  2014), “Vocal works on verses Olga Levadnaya” (2020), “Selected” in two volumes (2022), “Wind of the Heart” (in Russian and Tatar, India, 2022), “Wind of the Heart” (in  Tatar, USA, 2022), “Turkish fairy tales” (in Russian and Turkish, Turkey, 2022).

O. Levadnaya is the creator of the music and poetry festival “Handshake of the Republics” in the Republic of Tatarstan of the Russian Federation (2017-2021).