Maki Starfield: “H ποίηση είναι μια μεγάλη γέφυρα πολιτισμού… Ενώνει την Ελλάδα με την Ιαπωνία”

Ανακαλύψτε την ποίηση της καταξιωμένης λογοτεχνίδας από την Ιαπωνία, Maki Starfield

Επιμέλεια Eva Petropoulou Lianou Author children literary Poet Greece

To a Room

The door opens suddenly
The room seems so warm
Like some notion of happiness
My longings grow into a melody
I want to watch TV
And turn on the radio
And make a poem
And sing a song
For I know only that TV is my dad
And that the radio is my mom
And that the poetry is my love
And that the song is my friend

Paper Door

When I open the door
there’s a pure white paper
On the pure white paper
nothing is written at all
This is a poet
There is no word to taste
When I pull the curtain
paper sheets are piling up one after another
Like the erection of the universe, knee deep
that paper piles up
When you close the door
there is also a pen with no name
While waiting for the door, the poet
falls, and it isn’t certain
that the words will come
But the paper anytime from the gaps between the poet’s fingers is watching

In a Field of Stars

something is glistening…
the eyes of a snake, perhaps?
shadows on the grass
playing all day long
a butterfly rests on a flower still trembling
the clap of wings—
a bird flies off into the distance
sap rising in the trees
tomorrow’s silvery dew
is not far away
and some drops reached the clouds,
the heavens
and now roam the earth
one drop fell on a rose
another is on a leaf—
the breath of autumn
entering the waterfall
of your silence
now, the first rays of morning sunlight fall on your body
I am the wind
that shakes the barley
clouds hide the moon beloved,
where is your face?
softly creeping into a cave
sparkling stars
above the weight of life
I wander in a field of stars
one lonely firefly

Fallen Leaves

When rain falls gently
It filters through the earth
cleansing heart and soul
And that’s me

The sky looks beautiful
As if I am in love
It seems to bring a new life
And that’s me

As a small stream goes down
Forever off to where
I wonder where do I go
Nobody knows

A night sky in autumn murmuring:
I wonder who I am
And, laughing back with:
It is Me
It is Me

As a small stream goes down
Forever off to where
I wonder where do I go
Nobody knows

My bio

Maki Starfield, a poet, a translator and a painter, born in Ehime, 1972. She earned her Master of Arts from Sophia University, getting the diploma of International business management and the certificate of TESOL in Canada. She is a representative in Japan of Immagine Poesia, a member of Japan Universal Poets Association, and  Japanese haiku associates.

Guido Gozzano Prize (Honorable Mention) 2018,2019
Naji Naaman Literary Prize (Creativity) 2020
PushCart prize nomination 2020