Lucilla Maria Victoria Moro

Επιμέλεια: Εύα Πετροπούλου Λιανού

Biography: Lucila Maria Victoria MORO( Argentine)

Her hard work as an artist and teacher over the years is marked by a constant work in favor of the inclusion of people with special abilities and older adults.
In 2013 she has been distinguished as “WOMAN OF THE YEAR” on International Women’s Day, for her constant and valuable collaboration and participation in the Artistic area and in 2014 Unesco proposes her for seminars and conferences on *care of the body* in various provinces of Argentina as well as in the years that follow abroad and in countries like Ecuador, Mexico, Brazil, Paraguay and Europe.
In 2018, she published his first book, THE TRAIN OF MY LIFE AND LIFE TO LIVE, being presented in the following years in different places in Argentina, Mexico, Asunción del Paraguay, Ecuador, Brazil, France, Italy, Belgium, Germany.
In 2020 she published his second book “Como un Papalote” whose theme talks about the rescue of creativity.
In 2022 her third and 4th book, MY PINK BIKE AND ME, a novel AND OUR TREASURE, a novel. She gives workshops, courses and seminars in different provinces of the country and prepares the edition of her fifth book “De eso no se habla”. Appointed Vice President of CIESART Ambassadors.

Reflections in times of pandemic…

This is not a formula for living happily; I think not, but it is to have strength and examine the content of life, whose appearances make us dizzy and deceive.
Do not watch or listen to what others are doing.

Be yourself above all things, good and evil, pleasure and pain, life and death. BE nothing else!!
And they will be strong as an oak then. Strong despite everything and everyone.

Always ask yourself the following: “Am I honest with myself?” And if your heart tells you yes, and you have to jump into a well, jump in with confidence. Being honest, he’s not going to kill himself!

Life, the mysterious life that governs our existence will prevent you from killing yourself by throwing yourself into the well.

You will say to me: “And if the others do not understand that I am sincere?” What do you care about the others! Life and the earth have so many paths with different heights, that no one can see further than their own eyes can see.

Will you tell me: “And if I’m wrong?” It’s not important. You make a mistake when you do! Not a minute before, not a minute later. Why? Because life has arranged it that way, which is that mysterious force. If they have been sincerely wrong, they will forgive it, or not… It doesn’t matter much. You go your way.

Friends: with sincerity and with your truth in hand and you will succeed. There is no one, absolutely no one, who can make them fall. And even those who throw stones at you today will come up tomorrow to smile at you.
Believe it, friends. A sincere and good man is so strong that only he can laugh and take pity on all the mediocrity of the rest.”

Lic. Lucila Moro
Paraná, Entre Ríos Argentina