Jeanette Eureka Tiburcio: “The future of literature will be in complicity with other artistic disciplines…”

Σας παρουσιάζουμε a great personality from Mexico. JEANETTE E. TIBURCIO MÁRQUEZ (JEANETTE EUREKA TIBURCIO)

Επιμέλεια συνέντευξης: Εύα Πετροπούλου Λιανού


Poet, teacher and writer, Architect by training, JEANETTE EUREKA TIBURCIO MARQUEZ for her incomparable work of three decades and brilliant contributions is considered a true icon in Mexico and the World. International President of Mil Mentes Por Mexico International,  Global Secretary UHE, Director FAMUNDO AND Educa-Qro, CEO UNAccc Center and South-America, Deputy President of the WALHAC, RECTOR Global UNQE UNIVERSITY. Executive President for America: Poets of the Silk Road in China.

Share your thoughts on the future of literature. The future of literature will be in complicity with other artistic disciplines in a deconstruction of the structures we know, where the stage will be opened to rediscover everything.

When do you start writing? At the age of 7 motivated by my family, my parents who are great readers and my beautiful sister Lyzzette who is one of the most important people in my path.

The good and the bad. Who is currently winning? The bad thing is that when you compete nobody wins. You only win when you share. At present, violence, delinquency, organized crime, happiness that is traded on the stock market is winning with this approach where only having is sought and not the development of being. And who loses? The future of humanity on the planet.

How many books have you written? And where can we find his books? Two books that are out of print, the new edition of my first book for AMAZON is coming out soon and 29 participations in different international poetry anthologies.

The book. E-book or hardcover book. What will the future be? The future will be the immersive experience of books in audiovisual holograms and virtual reality reading rooms, this is my humble opinion.

A sentence from your book. And so I returned to earth without having left, clinging to life physically and emotionally, aware of the pain that paralyzes, tasting the fear of no return and waiting for a second chance to tell the story of that girl.

Shadowless woman

By Jeanette Eureka TIBURCIO

They traded me sweetness

by shell

to protect my chest

And cover my back

In these uncertain times

Of malignant jealousy

and barren land,

of corpse killers

confused, begging

who understand being

who understand being

Through owning.

They traded me rudeness

For kindness and understanding,

to endure the times

And protect my name, understanding…

That no one can have a good reputation

When the judgment passes, through the mouth of a speaker

That perfumes the ego with poison balm and ambergris.

I move in this world

letting in the light

Without material cravings

Conscious of the mission,

And expectant of the times,

Trusting, just trusting

In the Physics of God.