Interview with the artist Farida Karam

Interview to Eva Petropoulou Lianou

Ένα ταλαντούχο κορίτσι 10 χρόνων. Η αγάπη της είναι η ζωγραφική. 

The beautiful creative artist, Farida Karam, first of all, and before starting the interview, would you please tell us about yourself so that your audience will be able gets close to you closely, with a brief presentation? I am Farida Karam. I am ten years old. I love drawing and I love colors and i enjoy  mixing them. The first thing that I painted was as if it were caricatures. I like to express everything that happens in front of me with the art of caricature, additionally I loved the art of portraiture and landscapes.

The first question that comes to our minds as audience, and we would like to know its  answer from you when and how did your drawing talent begin? I started drawing at the age of five.

Who discovered and supported your talent from its inception, and what difficulties were or are still facing you? The one who discovered my talent is my mother, when I drew a simple drawing she encourages me and hangs it for my pleasure on the wall. Thanks to Allah there are no difficulties, everything works fine, as my father says.

Who is your favorite painter? Leonardo da Vinci I adore the style of his drawing, he is a genius, I consider him my idol in art.

Tell us about your most prominent artistic participation through exhibitions, competitions or television interviews, and what do they mean to you? I participated in several competitions, including the World Health Organization competition for school children. And the National Child Center competition at the Ministry of Culture The International Children’s Biennale in its second session Adam Hanin competition And a plastic vision competition, and he won first place. And many online competitions. Further more i participated in several exhibitions of the Sixth and Seventh International House of Art Exhibition, in the presence of the Saudi Ambassador, Osama bin Ahmed Al-Naqli, who praised my talent. And an exhibition of artistic touches And the Munich German Exhibition by Khaled Mounir And opponents of the Giza Culture Palace And many electronic exhibitions on the Internet I got many certificates of appreciation, including a certificate of appreciation from the sixth and seventh International House of Art, a certificate of appreciation from the Giza Culture Palace, a certificate of appreciation for the ideal girl from The Moment International newspaper this year, and many other  certificates of appreciation including  Cairo International Book Fair 2022 And press interviews in My Freedom magazine, Fares magazine for children, Aladdin magazine for children, Asala Watan newspaper, and Al-Gomhouria newspaper. And a meeting of the “Every Day” program on Channel Two after the Sixth International Art House Exhibition of Fine Art My dreams are numerous. First, I dream of having a school where I teach children to draw for free and I want to see all the children of the world draw and fill the world with beautiful colors and to participate in international competitions and represent my country Egypt ?? knowing that I participate in the Adam Hanin competition and the International Children’s Biennial competition.

What is the most beloved of your paintings to your heart? I like to contemplate my painting, the painting of the girl and the horse, I love it and see myself in it.

Do you have any participations soon in exhibitions or competitions? I am participating in the Adam Hanin competition and the International Children’s Biennial competition. I am waiting for the winners to be announced, God willing, and I will participate in the Awtar Fine Art Exhibition at the Egyptian Opera House.

The most prominent personalities you would like to meet? I wish to meet Mr. President Abdel Fattah El-Sisi, and Ghana i  drew a picture of him and I want to dedicate it to him. I love him very much.

If you send a message through the moment  It will be adressed to whom and what would you like to say in your letter? I would like to send a message to the talented children in the world not to lose hope in achieving their dreams and to try a lot and one day their dreams will come true In the end, I would like to extend my thanks to the highly estemed Dr. Al-Khaloq, Dr. Atef Khair, for his support. I would like to thank The Moment International newspaper for honoring my father and mother, as perfect father and mother in this world. This pride  is one of the most beloved achievment to my heart.

We thank you so much for this great interview. Congratulations to this young talented girl.