Hoang Cam Thach: “Literature is the science of understanding the beauty in life, society and people, expressed in the language of art”

Συνεντεύξεις με ξένους λογοτέχνες. Σας παρουσιάζουμε την Hoang Cam Thach

Επιμέλεια συνέντευξης: Εύα Πετροπούλου Λιανού

Μετάφραση: Kieu Bich Hau

Her biography: Member of Association of Literature and Art of Vietnamese Ethnic Minorities. Member of Arts and Literature Association of Nghe An province. Published 13 individually printed poetry collections and many selected and co-published poems in magazines and on Central and local radio. 21 awards (1 excellent prize, 1 prize C of the Central Committee Propaganda, 1 excellence prize, consolation prize of the Ministry of Culture and Information; 2 Prizes of Ho Xuan Huong; Award of Song Lam Magazine and Nghe An province… etc)

Please share your thoughts about the future of literature. When you start writing? Literature is the science of understanding the beauty in life, society and people, expressed in the language of art. “Literature is anthropology” when we fully and deeply realize that culture is human. Although the authors write about plants or rivers or anything elso, the target is for people. The future of literature is opening a new horizon for the culture and literature of a country, which was mentioned at the National Culture Conference in 2021. I started writing poetry when I was in high school. Those were wall papers. But when I was introduced to read the poem congratulating the high school party congress, then the new sense of poetry became clearer. In the university, as a student of Literature Department of Vinh Pedagogical University, on behalf of students, I wrote a few poems and read to poet Xuan Dieu… My career in literature has been entered in my life until now.

The Good and the Bad. Who is winning in nowadays? The good thing is the powerful creative force. Literature and art have a very important position and role in fostering emotions, souls, moralities, and personalities for Vietnamese generations. The number of literary and artistic works is increasing, however no peak. Works with forever lifetime and high ideological and artistic value are gradually scarce. The issue of “who wins who” is being fiercely debated by researchers that not yet undecided. But in fact, popular literature has a large audience.

How many books have you written? And where can we find your books? I am a literature teacher at high school, Nghe An pedagogical college. I was accessed and touch foreign literature to students. Many great works and classics. However, there are few Vietnamese poems introduced abroad. Partly because there are not many Vietnamese translators, partly because the cost to translate books is not a simple. My poetry is also in the same situation. Therefore, my poetry in particular and Vietnamese poetry in general to reach readers around the world, Vietnamese and foreign translators are needed. They are the poetry bridges to readers who love poetry around the world. Via the thoughts and feelings, the authors wish to send the messages in the poems, readers can better understand the Vietnamese people. I believe that a poetic work with highly artistry, has concerns about the human life, love, aspiration for truth, goodness and beauty… with the empathy and joining hands of translators, that literature work will open doors and bridges to readers everywhere…

The book. E -book or Hardcover book. What will be the future? Currently, publishers are very busy with printing books. Readers prefer paper books to e-books. Because from childhood, parents often buy books to reward high scores. Children are raised with paper books. They carry the love when hold a book with a new smell of paper in their hands, until they grow up that can buy books to read themselves. E-books, the readers seem less. With the type of novels – romance, crime, science fiction, horror, etc… are still popular with many people.

A wish for 2023. A phrase from your poem. My wish in 2023 is to have many Vietnamese literary works crossing the border to reach friends around the world.

A phrase from my poem: Going to the garden to pick green guava/ Country love is forever in childhood/ The song Vy Dam waiting for/ The village well in the dream of returning people/ Hung Tan is bright and beautiful in countryside/ Anchoring in the memory of the beloved hair/ The scent of flowers blooming on the roadside/ Even going many miles, all directions finding back…