Greek Shock Rock and Shock Pop. Who’s the pioneer who brought the change?

CRYSTALEX is proven, as of September 2021 (based on copyright), the rightful “pioneer” who “brought change” in the Greek music industry by presenting to the Greek and – by extension – the international music-loving public, with the inventive and inspired lyrics by Eirki Bazakas, the Shock Rock and Shock Pop music scene with mostly Greek lyrics.

These particular kinds music, combined with the particularly special and expressive interpretation of Crystalex and the caustic often Gothic lyrics of Eirki Bazakas, brought a new and captivating fresh air to the Greek and international music scene.
Through their songs they express, in a mostly Gothic style, the erotic lust, the erotic but also the cultural-political disappointment, but they also glorify many, with wide -unfortunately- implications, social problems such as domestic and female abuse, drugs, Bulling, political situations and implications and all forms of gambling.
Some of these songs include “Χτύπα’-‘Hit’, “Χρυσόσκονη”-‘Gold Dust’, ‘Help’, “Πέτα τη μάσκα”- ‘Drop the Mask’ and “Νεκρική σιγή”-‘Deadly Silence’.

The blue and red eye represent the good and bad self that we all have inside us and in combination with his Gothic presentation and the alternation in his interpretation which is sometimes Brutal and sometimes lyrical in a balanced coexistence and so it succeeds in seducing us into other magical and sometimes dark worlds by creating fantastic images for us, awakening many strong emotions in us and making us want to search deeper into our soul, life, wills, needs  and imperatives .

We hope to listen and enjoy for many more years the wonderful voice and interpretation of Crystalex and the lyrics of Erki Bazaka to awaken in us the will to search even deeper into our soul, love, society and people.




Γέννηση:16 Οκτωβρίου 1996 (16/10/1996)

Ύψος: 1,78 μ.
Εθνικότητα: Έλληνας
Όνομα στη μητρική γλώσσα: Κρυστάλεξ (Ελληνικά)
Ιδιότητα: ΤραγούδιΣυνθέτηςΤραγουδοποιός
Μουσικά όργανα: ΠιάνοΚιθάρα
Μουσικό είδος: Alternative metalShock RockGothic Metal, Shock Pop,  
Industrial rockPost-metal, Pop rockDoom Metal
Παρουσία: 2021
Άλμπουμ: Τα 7 Κρύσταλλα (Live)Το Shock Rock Στις Φλέβες ΜουΧαμένη Στα Υπόγεια
Single: Παράνοια, Κράτα ΜεDead SilenceHelpBad GirlΠέτα Την ΜάσκαΡαγιδμένη Καρδία
Συνεργάτες: Είρκη Μπαζάκα (Στιχουργός)

Επιρροές: Screamin’ Jay HawkinsDavid SutchAlice CooperKissW.A.S.PGwarKing DiamondMarilyn, MansonSlipknotLordi, Rammstein, Ozzy OsbouneParadise LostEvanescenceNightwishScorpions
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