Festival Paper Fiber 

Call for submissions

Welcome to the Paper Fiber Festival 1st Edition China, Peru, Greece, Mexico March. 
We invite all poets to send here a video for their participation in the Festival of poetry in March before 20 of February.

The festival will be held virtuall and will be broadcast on Mexico satellite TV.

Details :
1. All poets can share a video here with 1 poem in Mother language and English language.
2. All poems must be send written in English with a foto, a 75 words biography to mail: [email protected] 
Good luck to everyone!!!! 

Let’s create bridges. 
Poetry unites people Inspiration has no borders 

Association Thousand Minds for Mexico Ambassador of creativity and art.

Represents Greece Eva Petropoulou Lianou.

Presidente of Thousand Minds for Mexico Dra Jeanette Eureka Tiburcio

President of UHE Dr Carlos Hugo Garrido Chalén 

Ambassador of creativity and art Represents China James Tian