Fairytale Brewed from West Bengal to Athens and Hits the Global Gala Event of Sharjah

There’s a saying if you dream something right, your dreams are going to embrace you being a reality. Last year, treading through many jeopardized situations, I had fallen many times, got thrashed with several wounds, and again tied my shoelaces for the long run ahead healing my wounds. Among many of my remarkable projects, one is my collaborative bilateral literary aspiration, ‘An Ecstatic Renaissance Between Greece & India Through Poetry’ has qualified the test reflecting the guiding lights for me in the literary arena and  upgraded itself to touch the sky without any bar.

Miss Eva Petropoulou Lianoy, a prestigious name in the field of children’s literature and media in Greece ( the birth land of western Philosophy, Geometry, ancient art and culture wearing many feathers to the hat for its outstanding world attributions) has joined my hands to let our words, verses and poems swim in the hearts of many out there. From weaving verses to binding it as a poetry collection, we along with our publication Ukiyoto Publishing have all put in a lot of blood, sweat and tears.

Now that it has, with distinction and high regards, been selected for the exhibition in Sharjah International Book Fair, Dubai, UAE in the year 2023,  the author souls in us feel an extreme satisfaction and unlimited joy for having our baby placed in an outstanding global platform of littérateurs, poets, authors, literary influencers and practitioners along the world. This is the perfect day to celebrate our thoughts, brainstorming ideas, sleepless nights of editing every nook and corner of our literary architecture, endless plans and exchanges of opinions, exhaustion and then having miraculous results destined for our palms to hold and our hearts to embrace! For all the literary lovers, eager to join in our celebrations and shower us with blessings, love and immense support, here we are offering our heartfelt gratitude, hugs and multiplied love to drive you through the joyous pictures of the exhibition and inspire you to walk on your dreamy road to get your literary babies placed in your desired destinations just like we conquered!

Have a look below 

If you’re wanting to dive through the sacred words straight from our hearts, click the link below and hit the ‘buy’ button in your preferred version (eBook/ Hard Copy) and enjoy!

An Ecstatic Renaissance Between Greece & India Through Poetry https://amzn.eu/d/e07lQ3h

Have a nice reading, lovelies!