Dmitry Kasyanov: “Now literature, more than ever, needs new talents that will bring new colors to lines, new meanings to words”

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Επιμέλεια συνέντευξης: Εύα Πετροπούλου Λιανού

Mετάφραση: Alexander Kabishev

Kasyanov Dmitry Aleksandrovich (PhD) – 3rd year student of BSTU “Voenmeh”, has been engaged in poetry since the age of 14, vice-president of the Youth Union of Writers, a writer as part of the international creative and cultural project “DEMO GOG”, published in the magazine “HUMANITY”, collections “SILICON AGE” (2 volumes), “A WHISPER IN THE WIND”, the Russian-Vietnamese collection “DAWN”, the Russian-Serbian collection “FRIENDSHIP”, participates in the project on the world record – HYPERPOEM.

What inspired you to write? To whom or what were the first works dedicated? I started writing 5 years ago, I have come a long way from ragged quatrains to full-fledged works with a set rhyme and rhythm. My main theme throughout my creative campaign was love, but my first poem was dedicated to my grandmother, who invested a lot in my upbringing and played an important role in the formation of me as a person.

Do you have a favorite author? Why him/her? As such, I don’t have any favorite authors, as a child I read a lot of classics: Pushkin, Lermontov, Dostoevsky, etc. From the last read I really like the book by Alexander Yuka “Four Quarters”.

We know that you also play sports. What kind of sport is it and what does it mean to you? I have been playing basketball for more than 10 years, this sport is my outlet, the thing that saves in difficult moments, helps to calm down, leave emotions and make important decisions outside the basketball court.

How do you manage to combine study, sports and poetry? Is there enough time for everything? Time, as it usually happens, is never enough, but you always have to balance, given the work that has appeared recently, I try to always and everywhere keep up – Time management is definitely passed for all six points!

We know that you have received the post of vice-president of the Youth Writers’ Union. Congratulations! What kind of organization is this, and what role will you play in it? The Youth Writers’ Union is an idea that Alexander Kabishev and I have had for quite a long time, finally having received the right to life. This is an organization for young poets who are just starting their journey, ready to develop and share their creativity in the company of friends, mentors and colleagues in the pen. I was very glad to get a place in the Presidium of the union, as I hope that I will be able to bring my vision of poetry to this organization. Of the main responsibilities, I will be engaged in the promotion of our organization in social networks, the design of the group, the media publicity of our projects and events.

How does the youth of St. Petersburg relate to literature and new authors in particular? Our generation, in principle, has less reverent feelings for poetry than our parents, grandparents, which is, of course, a problem that must be made public, which must be solved, because thanks to poems, stories, we can convey ourselves, our feelings, our thoughts to those who are looking for answers to life’s questions in books questions. Personally, I am enthusiastic about all new authors, because every young writer is a literary unit that brings something new to literature, revealing it in a new way. I am insanely happy to listen to young guys, share my criticism with them and discuss the work that we love.

How do you see the future of your creativity and world literature in general? I really want to become the best writer in history! Well, in fact, all my poems are a reflection of me, my thoughts and experiences, and I really want to find echoes of my lines in the hearts of my readers, from whom I regularly receive reviews and reviews. The world literature is now facing a big question – where to develop now if music is rapidly capturing audiences, and I really want to see what direction authors from all over the world will choose, how they will be able to hook their readers.

What would you like to wish your readers and fellow writers/poets in the coming 2023? I want to wish all writers – remember that your creativity is unique, it’s your creativity, your ideas that you implement – don’t stop! Now literature, more than ever, needs new talents that will bring new colors to lines, new meanings to words. This is our common cause and we must move it together!