Canadian hardcore act Citizen Rage unleash blistering new track and album pre-save

“What’s It To You” is a direct response to anyone who thinks they get to dictate the way other people live their lives. Its our way of standing up to them.

Whether it’s the governemt, the clergy or anyone else who wants to say “my way is the only right way and my morals should decide how you get to live.”

Its a “fuck you” to those bigots who are so scared of things they don’t understand, that they’ll yell and scream and protest peoples right to exist as themselves.

The track recently premiered at both Ghost Cult Magazine and The Punk Site. Check out the features here:

Purchase the track from the band’s Bandcamp page here:

In addition, the band also launched a pre-sale for the upcoming debut full-length album Harsh Reality which can be found here:

Calgary hardcore punk band Citizen Rage are psyched as hell to finally release their first full length album. After self releasing a rainbow of 6 EP’s, CR has teamed up with Cursed Blessings Records to unleash Harsh Reality. Coming in late may, the album is full of guest spots and includes a surprise cover of a well known Canadian punk band.

Citizen Rage will be hitting the road from May 17th to 27th with best buds and labelmates No More Moments to bring Harsh Reality to all their homies in western canada.



1-Wed-17-Banff-Kasey-Pump & Tap 18+ early show

2-Thurs-18-Cranbrook-Cranbrook Hotel-18+

3-Fri-19-Kelowna-Runaways Lounge-18+

4-Sat-20-Princeton-The Legion-18+

5-Sun-21-Kamloops-Blue Grotto Night club


7-Tue-23-Nelson-The Royal-18+

8-Wed-24-Lethbridge-The Slice Bar 7 Grill 18+

9-Thur-25-Med Hat-The Mainliner Pub-18+

10-Fri-26-High River-High River Brewery AA

11-Sat-27-Edmonton-Starlite Room, AA early show

12-Sunday-28th-Calgary–Modern Love-18+