Article about contemporary art by the poet Vladimir Vasilevsky

Vladimir Vasilevsky

Επιμέλεια: Εύα Πετροπούλου Λιανού


A new trend in literature and art as such, choism, proposed at the time by Alexander Kabishev, is developing and gaining strength. This is understandable. The problem of choice in the modern world is becoming particularly acute and important. In particular, the number of areas of human activity is growing rapidly.

Traditional professions such as accountant, driver are becoming a thing of the past, constructor and others. And there are many completely new ones: a logistician, a polygraph examiner, a web programmer, a drone operator, a cyber programmer, etc., etc. And the pace of the emergence of new professions is constantly growing. The problem of choice, at least in this, is becoming more acute.

The nature of man is such that he strives for certainty and stability in everything. Especially, – having achieved success. However, the model of our life – unstable equilibrium. “Such is the nature of things,” an ancient Greek philosopher would say. Real life is a multifactorial phenomenon. And each factor is a function of time. For this reason, stability, stable equilibrium is impossible by definition.

Alexander Kabishev

What is the reason for this “nature of things”? To one degree or another, the answer to this question in principle became possible only since the late twenties of the last century, when astrophysicist Edwin Hubble discovered the expansion of the universe. It turned out that any object outside our galaxy, and these are other galaxies, is moving away from us. And the farther the object is, the faster it is.

Today in astronomy there is such a thing as “expansion of the Universe”. It became known that not only galaxies are moving away from each other, but the fabric of the universe itself is expanding. This discovery reveals a fundamental property of the universe. It means that every next moment the world is completely different. Therefore, it is essentially meaningless to talk about the stability, constancy of everything around us.

As the rate of expansion of the universe increases, that is, with each subsequent step in time we find ourselves in an increasingly difficult situation, the problem of choice becomes more and more urgent.

For this reason, by developing choism, we still, to one degree or another, contribute to a person’s natural desire for stability, to maintain a position of unstable equilibrium. This, in turn, explains the growing popularity of choism. And not only in literature and art, but also in other spheres of human activity.

Vladimir Vasilevsky: Vladimir Vasilevsky. St. Petersburg poet and novelist. He is a member of the Russian Union of Writers (RSP). Founded and leads the poetry club “Northern half of the world”. He performs at various venues in St. Petersburg with readings of his poems and prose. For his contribution to Russian literature, he was awarded the medals “Alexander Pushkin” and “Vladimir Mayakovsky” by the Presidium of the RSP.