Aegean Blue

As part of the friendship  that Greek and Turkish artists have established over the years now, following on from the artists’ activities and events which took place in Istanbul, this summer the exhibition Aegean Blue is to be inaugurated at the Oasis gallery in central Bodrum.

Beyond the prevailing political climate, Greek and Turkish artists capture the flow, the history,the  legends, but also  the current state of the Aegean Sea.

They have been collaborating and building a dialogue through the perennial urgency and essence of art to serve as a global language. 

This exhibition focusses and emphasises on peace in the Aegean Sea. These works deal with the subject of blue and its various hues, offer contributions related to mythology and the naming of the Aegean Sea and they are abstract as well as conceptual in approach pieces of work; they are graphic, while containing some realism at the same time. All these works form the unity and proposal of the Greek element regarding the Aegean Sea.  

The acceptance of differentness but also the acceptance of unity through Art, coalesce to form a common journey and, at least in this environment, a synergy, where the dialogue is free and open, the present is bright and the elements that bring them together – colour, light and the sea- lead to a harmonious outcome.

Georgia Trouli Visual Artist – Curator