Poems by James Tian from Philippines

Επιμέλεια: Εύα Πετροπούλου Λιανού

Masked Faces by James Tian

In this concrete jungle,

How can we expect to open hearts?

Stay hidden for a moment,

It’s rare to find a body truly free.

Cover up all existence,

Doesn’t matter if it’s shallow or deep.

It’s like a rebirth,

To show and then conceal.

At a certain moment, 

Perhaps we boldly bare our souls,

Don’t ask too much.

But dreams have wounded us again,

So we hide ourselves deeply.

Complain about this world,

Hypocrisy hard to deny.

In every breath,

There’s a fleeting high.

A soul’s longing,

Can’t help but feel resentful.

Why does this atmosphere,

Feeling so oppressed and weary?

Like a prison,

Locking dreams away tightly.

When there’s no escape,

We’ve grown into the masked faces.

©® James Tian 

Ask Your Hearts by James Tian

On a hot day,

With fire in your eyes.

Hearts feel empty and silent,

Hands searching for the truth.

The world shakes,

Like a glass of alcohol.

Even as paralysis attempts,

We’re standing tall, 

And refusing to fall.

Ordinary life transcends the ordinary,

Dreams that whisper of a good reputation.

So always hold on,

Stick to fairness, 

And never stop moving on.

In a moment of doubt,

Someone warned.

Life is so short,

Clarity isn’t always the norm.


You’ve been looked down upon.

Yet you don’t want to bend,

Even if the end seems to be in vain.

Feeling real is always superfluous,

This planet alone stands strong.

Put aside all the noise,

Hear your hearts’ whispered song.

Ask your hearts,

Is giving the most sober way?

Have you ever been shaken for a moment?

Do you think it’s worth losing your true nature?

Ask your hearts,

Shouldn’t justice be your guide?

There’s a voice deep inside,

As long as you’re sure of yourself, 

So never hide!