Theodore Noutsos: “An Artist is like a Sorcerer”

“I have no intention to waste my time in a kind of painting which is forced to maintain tight up in rules and regulations, because it complicates things and blocks the artistic process of discovery and improvisation which I consider most significant of all. The issue is not to create formalistic shapes and ideas, but to reject descriptiveness by choosing instead the imaginary, the flowing, the insane, living with a great dramatic tension an outstanding adventure”

At what age did you start painting? At a very young age. But at the beginning of my adolescence, I think painting has started to play an important role in my life. Since I was feeling that through this artistic procedure i was free of any convention and I could live in to my own world far from the oppressive reality.

Is someone born as an artist or do they become one? Someone is born like an artist. Is born with this charisma which allow him, or her, to add with a supernatural way, life in to a handcraft and to transform it, to an artistic creation.

What word defines you as an artist?
Adventure. Because it embodies meanings like: freedom, optimism, dramatic tension, craziness and fluidity.

Do you feel “inspired” before you create? Inspiration is a spiritual situation which reveals it’s power under specific stages and only during the artistic procedure. When the artist totally spontaneously and under of an unknown cause, passes to a different level of communication with the universe. That means, inspiration is a currently active function. I would describe it like a sorcerer who does the rain dance to call the rain to come. But the rain will make it’s presence under unknown terms and time.

What are your future plans? If i had to deal with this question a couple of weeks ago, my answer would be totally different than the one i am forced to give under the pressure of those dramatic times we all live at this present moment. Epidemic is at it’s own peak and life globally has stopped. When all this terrible situation will pass away, my associates and I will meet again and get back to business.

Bio. Theodore Noutsos has born on the Greek island of Skiathos.
He is a self taught artist who lives and works between Athens, Skiathos and Vienna.

Solo shows :
2017 Private space, Vienna
2015 Private space, Vienna
2014 Giorgio de Chirico Art Center, Volos, Greece
2014 Alexandros Siomos gallery, Skiathos, Greece

Group shows:
2018 Athens
2018 Istanbul