The Promising actress Rahma Khaled/Egypt

Βy Dr Atef Kheir

The beautiful artist with a distinguished artistic talent, with  artistic little fingers, she  seeks and hopes to become  one day an international artist.

She is the Egyptian artist, Rahma Khaled.

Her name is Rahma Khaled Al-Gharabawi aged twelve.

Born in Damietta Governorate, Egypt blessed by several talents such as drawing and writing stories. 

 She is at the seventh grade school, 

Her highest ideal is  the International doctor Mr Magdi Yacoub

She dreams of  being an engineer, 

The artist Rahma participated in many art competitions and exhibitions

She is one of the most important competitions and artistic participants

Obtaining the Excellence Medal at the Damietta Art Festival, accompanied by art and the Soul of Art Forum.

She also participated in more than one event and an exhibition of live drawing in the middle of his planet of the largest artists of plastic art and won the admiration and appreciation of the audience 

She also participated in many online competitions and events during the quarantine period during the repercussions of the Corona pandemic

And I got the first place in the province.

She also got a second place in the competition of the University of Arab Culture and Arts.

Moreover she   received an international certificate of appreciation from the moment  International newspaper  , as an appreciation of her artistic talent and creative works in plastic art.

She is still and  constantly participating in the exhibitions of her school and all the artistic events and competitions of the talented administration in Damietta Governorate. She also participates in all the exhibitions that are announced at the local or international level. In breif  Rahma Khaled, is a promising Egyptian artist. We wish her a brilliant future and a shining name in the field of fine art and engineering.