Tell a story… Acenovation

for Greece Eva Petropoulou Lianou

All of us have a story. Each and every one of us. So does ACEnovation…. 

2019. Singapore. One man.. Major Nagarajan Narayan. One idea… A spark… Ignited   this worldwide fire… 

2019. India. One woman. Dr. Neena Gayatri. Was triggered off by the spark…Now it was two people. One man. One woman. 

Both were enchanted with the idea. Both dived right into the vast and deep ocean called storytelling. They loved it. They lived it. And the deeper they dived, the more they realized that storytelling is the greatest technology that the world has ever created! 

They understood that stories not only teach ethics, value, cultural norms and pass on knowledge but also bridge culural, linguistic and age related divides.

They agreed to expand the circle of moral consciousness through story telling and to give hope for restoring our moral fabric in the years to come!!

Thus was born an unique initiative to inspire, influence and persuade the next generation through the Art of Storytelling! As they swam through the ocean they picked up pearls, which when strung together formed a beautiful family…. This they called ACEnovation. 

ACEnovation was born from a story. ACEnovation created stories. ACEnovation mingled into stories. And in a short span of one year have become a story!

This wonderful unique young story brings into homes stories and storytellers from all over the world. The benchmarks set byee this company inspite of the pandemic will leave you spellbound… 

🌻Hold the world record for participating in the longest confluence of participating in a multicultural event – in storytelling spanning 140 countries and over 20000+ people worldover. 
🌻 Hold the World Record for 24 hour non – stop storytelling. Storytellers from 54 countries participated in this record breaking event & we touched 140 countries. 
🌻260 free international storytelling webinars for the public. 
🌻6 free international storytelling workshops for teachers partnering with the TNTEU. ( Over 30000+ teachers benefitted so far… ) 
🌻6 international storytelling workshops for school children.Touching more than 50,000 children
🌻6 international workshops for college students. 
🌻Nearly 200 free one hour storytime sessions taken to schools across the world. 
🌻Reached out to 130 countries till date. List is growing… 
🌻Connected to nearly 3000+ storytellers round the world. 
🌻Conducting the world’s first world storytelling championship online this year. Free of cost. Registrations are overwhelming… 130 contries..23647 entries

Still at the shallow end…ACEnovation has depths to reach…. which it will. 
It is very beautiful to see a mountain and make a wish to climb that.It is very beautiful to climb the mountain, and put your flag on the very top.

But it is most wonderful to create your own mountain, to climb on the top, put your flag on it and to understand that why you are creating your own mountain.And it is fascinating to understand your calling and then by all means you will climb that mountain and conquer it.

ACEnovation understood it’s calling, are climbing the mountain not to conquer it but to connect & create a boundaryless world!!! 
That explains what we at ACEnovation are doing… through stories, storytellers & storytelling… 

For our world survive in peace and harmony, united and strong, we must have one people, one nation, one flag… WE are that one IDEA.. that sparked off at Singapore and spread rapidly through India to all the corners of the world! Come… Feel the warmth…