Southern California art rock band Vasoline Tuner release new music video “Hot Tub”

Vasoline Tuner is a Southern California group with a sound that combines the angst of punk with the textures of psychedelic music. The band’s experimental flair is particularly notable due to frontman Billy Tsounis’ unique approach. The talented guitarist, vocalist, and songwriter has been described as “the sonic equivalent to Salvador Dali.” Much like the groundbreaking visual artist, Tsounis loves to approach music in weird and wonderful ways that will keep the audience on the edge of their seats.

Recently, Vasoline Tuner announced a new single and music video called “Hot Tub”. This song is also featured on the band’s most recent album, “Cancelled Crystal Balls.” “Hot Tub” is a mercurial and left-field song about choosing a hot tub as an alternate universe. It is a place where people can experience a new twist on life, fantasize, and even get a break from reality and hallucinate. The music video for “Hot Tub” is a trippy and surreal experience, alternating animated segments with footage of the band performing live.

The band’s heavy and groundbreaking riffs are sometimes reminiscent of iconic artists such as Black Sabbath and Led Zeppelin. Still, the angular, experimental nature of the band tips the hat off to pioneers such as Flipper, Wire, and X, only to mention a few. The combination of gritty punk textures and wildly diverse psychedelic overtones makes the music more memorable and relatable. “Hot Tubs” is a musical crossroads where the angst and aggression typical of punk rock are elevated to new heights by the mind-bending effects of the band’s experiments with psychedelia. Much like Dali approached visual arts from a distorted, almost nightmarish perspective, Vasoline Tuner offers a sonic voyage that’s surrealistic and incredibly grounded, making for a unique experience.

Vasoline Tuner is a band pushing boundaries and creating truly unique music. Their focus on combining different genres and experimenting with sound is refreshing and exciting. “Hot Tub” is just one example of the band’s creative approach to music, and it’s worth a listen. Check out Vasoline Tuner’s music today and experience their weird and wonderful world.