Samar Youssef Al-Ghoutani: “My strong passion for arabic language and arabic litterature has continued and will continue for my entiere life”

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Μετάφραση: Taghrid BouMerhi

Please share your thoughts about the future of literature. When u start writing? The future of litterature is in real danger if these process of distorsion keep affecting  litteray art production and if the writers keep undermining the very function of writing  the litterarcy.

It goes without saying that the speed era thay we are it,the omnipresence of technoligy has contributed to the weakning of the good a oble man s sensations and open the door to either platitude or riviality and materialistic spirit. That of course undermine all what we cherish as spiritual and romantic.

When have you begun writing? I ve begun since my first year in the litterature studies at Damascus university. My strong passion for arabic language and arabic litterature has continued and will continue for the throughout my entiere life.

The Good and the Bad. Who is winning in nowadays? Of course at the end of the dathe good prevails and no doubt about that. All what is widely accepted  or tasted as smooth is good. Therefore there is also the distinguished thai is well considered by the high  intellectual elite. The bad us the empty that lack any meaningful rethoric message or any ingredients of the beauty status that could please the recipient. The reader and ma trigger its satisfaction for the litterary work.

How many books have you published till now and where can we find them? I ve published a poetry book. diwan (in electronic version) with the title “hanged letters” alnour and tolaytela  library. Another book (on litterary criticism) is under print that was   officially adopted and highly appreciated. it is a litterary examination. Of the book “oumm ahmed Ahmed s mother does t sellits songs”. I ve also presented a book to the national board of books  under the title “the syrian odysee light and fire”. It s a litterary criticism topic.

A wish for 2023. A phrase from your book. My hope is to publish all my five books and develop further either as a poet or in the field of litterary criticism.

One sentence from your book

“your are not alone

keep standing like the mountains”

the wind slap is from. the pain of distances

throw groands on you

to be expanded.

i wait till  cloudy wheat get bigger

to clean your eyes from the clouds of the hope. No you are not alone.

About the author

Samar Youssef Al-Ghoutani was born in As-Suwayda Governorate on March 10, 1970. She holds a BA in Arabic Language from the Faculty of Arts, Damascus University..She wrote in many local and Arabic periodicals. She has a collection of poetry entitled (Horuf al-Mu’allaqa).

A critical book was printed for him by the Arab Writers Union, entitled Critical Illumination on a Divan (Umm Ahmed Doesn’t Sell Her Money).

The great Palestinian poet Saleh Hawari

And two poetic manuscripts and a critical book

She has critical studies of six books of poetry and stories published in Syrian official newspapers and cultural and literary websites on the Internet

And many paper magazines. It has activities in preparing radio programs (Nafhat Syria programme).