Poems by Til Kumari Sharma from Nepal

Επιμέλεια: Εύα Πετροπούλου Λιανού

Ms. Til Kumari Sharma as Multi Award Winner in writing  from international sector is  from  Bhorle- Hile, Paiyun 7, Parbat, West Nepal. She has published many  thousands of poems, some essays, and stories and other  literary writings in International Magazines, groups and anthologies from (amazon.com)  Russia, America, England, Hong Kong, Greece, Philippines, Hungary, Brazil, Chile, Scotland, Indonesia, Bangladesh, South Africa, Kenya,  Nigeria, North Africa, Trinidad and Tobago, Spain, India, Nepal and many other countries. She is featured -poet  and best -selling  co-author too. She is world renowned poet now. She has got gold, silver and excellent award from different international groups of poetry. She is moderator in Global Poetry Forum. She is Guinness World Record Holding Poetess.

Purification of Nature:

Nature as virgin and pure

No passion of lust

No evilness in her

The supreme pleasure in nature

The construction and destruction both

Her pure power changes the world.

The decoration of virtue in her evergreen young age

Nature is not possible  to use  by fake.

Her beauty shines all over world.

Her sensitivity to people around universe.

Her sublimity is our life.

She is mother earth .

She is virgin goddess of universe.

Wonder of worth in her birth

Undried and eternal her love.

Boss herself in her pure structure.

Explodes when people dominate her

Nature as supreme goddess of earth.

Pure/ virgin is her power to movement.

18- Sept.- 2023

Just I feel:

Feeling uneasy of life

Writing about graveyard

Unbearable torture of my surrounding from home to nation

Examining earth and me

Just shaking the land with unendurable paining

Fetching  truth in earth

Feeling pain

Tears as near

Same time earthquake is facing

Wonderful my pain

Shaking earth and land

Just now the power makes me upward

Having the life and uncertainty of future

Just shaking earth

In injustice to me and my past

Remembering  my truth

Pain  to bring by others

Tears rolling down

Then shaking earth in my pain.

Moving earth in my palm.

Oct. 3-2023

Humanity Leads the World:

Humanity is jewel

It leads world people equally

It is our consciousness

Humanity arms equal brotherhood and sisterhood

It is our ethical kindness

Ethical is our respect.

Humanity is our kindness.

No matter of different religions, races, gender, nationalities, colors etc

Respect in each religion is sublimity.

The life is harmony in our mutual connection.

No matter in different  lands.

Humanity is common aspect of all religions

The life in harmony is beautiful

Our happiness lies in mutual respect each other.

Then we can keep universe in palm.

Then we feel happy.

No discrimination between male and female.

Wonderful world in this universe

How good communication  among us

Language is tool to make us together.

English is not imperial language.

It is tool to make us together.

Humanity in our common language leads the world people.

Humanity is essence.

The  kindness is our jewel.

Moral is the honor to each other.

Real life is in our literary unity.

No conflict is born.

Unity is garland of humanity.

The leading is human jewel with ethics foremost.

Unity with equality is our wisdom

Honor and resect are our mutual understanding

Then humanity leads earth politely with peace and harmony.

Oct. 4-2023

© Til Kumari Sharma
Paiyun 7- Hile Parbat Nepal