Poems by Sultan Muhammad Razzak, Ph.D, Litt.D

Επιμέλεια: Εύα Πετροπούλου Λιανού

PROF. SULTAN MUHAMMAD RAZZAK (Ph.D, Litt.D) was born in 1959 at Pabna of Bangladesh. He is inclined in culture at the age of 11. He is a thriving cultural think tank and advocates for introducing cultural conventions in Bangladesh and is an active voice in the contemporary cultural movement of the world. Sultan Muhammad Razzak obtained Masters’s in Bengali Literature from the University of Dhaka (Bangladesh). Among his achievements are two Academic Doctorate degrees –in Development through Mass Media. Doctor of Honoriz causa for lifelong contributions to cultural development and literary work. He completed a professional degree “UNESCO Expert Leader   (d’ Animador UNESCO)” from UNESCO Eskola, Spain, and completed a course on ICT in Education from UNESCO Thailand. He is a playwright, director, poet, lyricist, actor, storyteller, contemporary academician, and translator.

North Star

The most unrest sea

All the waves are suffering from madness

Fishes and other water creatures

So scared

But I am still floating alone

Fearless – enjoying the stormy waves!

Everyone in the world knows me

I am the Sindbad

My ship has wrecked into pieces

How many days- I forgot

I feel all the salty waves are my tears

I don’t know where I am!

The days

I know – you are passing a delightful time

In a beautiful city

Under the sun or neon light!

But my days are boring

Don’t give me any direction.

Meaningless in unknown vast water…

Some lovely words through clouds.

The night is hopeful to me

I know the North Star

Which is very significant to me

I could follow my direction

I could feel your direction

I could feel the fragrance of your lips

I could see your eyes

I could see

You are reading my last letter

You are trying to get the smell of the sea

You are trying to send

You are confident about my returning home

And you are doing embroidery

On a beautiful silky piece of cloth

Picturing of garden with eternal spring.

Only you don’t know the news

My ship has wrecked down…

Don’t be afraid my dear.

I know the north star of the night

And I shall return

And sit beside you again in a spring garden

On a moonlit night!

I am coming back

I know the north star of night…



I started my journey,

From the age of Neanderthals-

Or more before that,

That was an inquisitive travel,

To find out the steps in human history,

Spreading like pebbles for a long time,

And found pebbles in different colors,

Like in huge red and black pebbles,

Very few green, blue, white, and other colors,

I call them pebbles of historical parameters-

From the past to the present.

What is peace?

Is peace a dream?

Is peace an aesthetic something?

Is peace any expectation?

Is peace an agreement?

Is peace an emotion?

I see so many scriptures,

Holding up by so many statues on my path,

Symbolize debated word peace- in books,

Sea, sky, forest, or mountain,

All stood speechless, as they liked,

From the very beginning of inception.

To date, we have not-

Feeling like we are travel mates,

With equal expectations and emotions.

We are not competitors!


Then the sea water was pitch black

What strange garden stars

Ornate the night sky.

So many stars there

Falling laughing

I ask why?

They replied with love!

I was on waves

In the sea

My body floats

The waves are laughing


On each other

Delighted with joy

Goes far away in moonlit

I say you are so fickle

Why are you so naughty?

They replied

You died so many years ago,

How do you understand – what is love?