Poems by Richard Spicak from USA

Επιμέλεια: Εύα Πετροπούλου Λιανού

Dance of desire @rwspisak

In every phrase
You amaze
Each jewel framed facet
Your gentle beauty implicit
The world at your so tender touch shakes
The brush of your tender hand
Brings your audience to attend you
And, in pure delight wonder
At the spell under
Which we have fallen
As sweet as to bees pollen
And your dance
And your dulcet sweet music makes
Our hearts in rapturous
Desire shakes
In wonder
At the glorious spell you have us under

Richard Spisak, Information Sculptor

Even the peace poseur @rwspisak

Remember when peace activism was fashionable ?
When even the posers, chose the fashion of peace?
We judged them too often, and too harshly.

But I’ll take a peace poser, with the hand sign , fingers a waggling and the faux passion to either the WAR PROFITEER,
and those lost in the daily grinding hunt.
But some of us, we meant it then.
And we mean it now.

When Dr King Jr, threatened their WAR, and he threaten to point out, the USES OF THE POOR!

He was sacrificed. Simply Improbably.
By “a vagrant, with a lot of cash”, very sloppy. It’s was the dollars. Then and now.

Give Peace a CHANCE.

Richard Spisak Tennessee, US, Information Sculptor

Miss Nabizada we will
Ms Nabizada UNTIL @rwpisak

She insists Ms Nabizada

With her fist Ms Nabizada

Though the Taliban
The wanted flaunted man
Leads their band
They could not hide
Ms Nabizada, no command
No fearful present confined
This mind to some hidden desert

Ms Nabizada
From the eastern lands
Stood for election
Which when, No Woman can
Ms Nabizada
Led the way
Where they would not say
Instead they slay
Ms Nabizada
And her brother Wounded bloodied others

Ms Nabizada
Didn’t flee
Didn’t run to peace
But stayed and spoke her piece
The Taliban
Could not stand these truths be told
By such a brave heart
This Woman bold
Confined they want
No freedoms
taunt, the unholy fools
Would try to hide these women jewels

Each woman imprisoned
Inside her, what home
Or is it tomb, this lawless flawed bloom.
She was a servant of the people
Her life enshrined now
In her story’s steeple.

Ms Nabizada would not be stayed
She was brave, was not afraid
She knew the truth
These fearful men
Couldn’t buy her,
send her home again
These men could not stop
The mighty heart
Ms Nabizada
Played her part.

Hannah Neumann of the European Parliament said: “She was killed in darkness, but the Taliban build their system of gender apartheid in full daylight.”

Richard Spisak Tennessee, US Information Sculptor