Poems by Rezauddin Stalin from Bangladesh

Επιμέλεια: Εύα Πετροπούλου Λιανού

Bio-data: Rezauddin Stalin Bengali
very famous poet. Born in 1962 in Nalbhanga village of Greater Jessore district.
The number of planets is more than a hundred. Got it many local and foreign awards including Bangla Academy. His poems have been translated into 42 languages of the world.
Along with poetry he established himself as a successful media personality. His basic thoughts on various issues of the society give us light.
Rezauddin Stalin is now the  international voice of Bengali  poetry.

The Dark Companion by Rezauddin Stalin

Soon upon waking up
Another me comes out from within

Just like my replica
Looks at the breakfast plate
Walks out after me on the road
A devoted listener in the poetry events

Sometimes he overturns the rules and regulations
If any objection is raised 
While walking – he sits motionless
In my intensity- his eyes becomes monsoon cloud
When anyone is loved- jealousy makes him Ares
Yet again in sleeping
This ethereal spirit enters into my body

Being lord Jesus, I forgive him
Whenever his sword elates in revenge
He dies every day
Before my death
And resurrects thereafter

The Oblation by Rezauddin Stalin

Not everything is to be expressed yet
I wish I could say
When the sky is dark blue in November-chrysanthemum will bloom

With which garland shall I greet my birthday – rose
Chrysanthemum is more unique than that

Rabindranath called it Chandramallika
Time changes dream in the cradle of birth
That adorable honorarium remains precisely same

How long does she live –
Much shorter than the humans
In the cells of slow stars memory will exist-yet forever 
If I could see her
The cheerful maiden found in youth 

Now all the alternatives are a heap of illusions in the hand of synthetic time,
I know  there are the names of memory-stricken friends
In the eyes of an almost blind 

And these fiery days
Either chandramallika or chrysanthemum
I offered her mud smelled glory bower of this Bangle