Poems by Nguyen Dac Lap from Vietnam

Επιμέλεια: Εύα Πετροπούλου Λιανού

Translated to English by Khanh Phuong

Brief biography

Hometown: Tan Uoc, Thanh Oai, Hanoi
Now living in Ha Dong District, Hanoi
Member of Vietnam Writers’ Association
Member of Hanoi Writers’ Association

Published literature works

Strange land – Poetry – National Culture Publishing House -1995
Premonition – Poetry – Youth Publishing House -2000
Desert flower – Poetry – Writers’ Association Publishing House -2004
City – Poetry – Writers’ Association Publishing House -2008
Standing cloud – Poetry – Writers’ Association Publishing House – 2011
The Voice of Time – Poetry – Writers’ Association Publishing House -2018

Literary Awards

– Nguyen Trai Art and Literature Prize in Ha Tay Province, 3rd (2001-2005)
– Second prize of Ha Tay poetry contest (2006-2007)
– Medal for the cause of Vietnamese literature and art

Confession: “I write about my experiences in life. Striving to write well, honestly towards the noble humanity”.

His poems:

Chess player by Truc Bach lake

The ground is the chessboard
The chess pieces move at a time
Day by day
They come here among sky and earth and the windy lake.

Silently they sit
Laughing at the end of the game

Flowers in the garden are still blooming
The lake surface quietly reflects in the mirror

Where streets
Lives are busy with ups and downs

Afternoon sunshine moves to the horizon
Temple bell melts on the water surface…

Tomorrow …
Uninformed chess games
Start again
Like the lives of… chariot and cannon…!

Every morning I wake up early with the sun

Every morning I wake up early with the sun
Waiting for the bus with the twenties
Seeing their joyful smiles like the spring ahead
The new generation leaves behind many prejudices
Leaving behind many obstacles on the way
They enter the new world
With youthful and innocent joys

They enter the new world lightly
With smiles on their faces
Living in students’ houses with few books
Ambitions like sails on the sea…

And we carry a lot of things
With misfortunes
The worse unfortunate is the narrow prejudice
Of a past era….

Hello new day

That’s the time
The vitality of sky and earth

That’s time
Flowers and grasses
Still fresh in the night dew
It’s time the river is calm and not waving
Due to the noise and garbage
That’s the time
The sky is blue, clouds float before
burning sun

Hello new day
It’s the time when the sky and earth give us the vitality
Overcoming failure, sadness and joy
For the soul at night be peaceful and trustful in love

Hello new day
It’s time to practice Chi
For the old keep to themselves
glories and misfortunes
Girls and boys keep loves and ambitions
In hearts
To cross the roads

Life is a sum of dawns.

Short poem

River flows
But life does not drift.

Why it is bright
But the night is still

Some turns
Imprint the fate

Living like the blowing wind
Like the rushing water

Be calm through the storm
The lake surface is as silent as nothing

Where the rain come from
Bring wet hearts for many people

Who spread the yellow sunshine on the ground
In a wet autumn day, the sunshine falls

The river flows, the shore stays

Many good people together to anywhere
Leaving this world isolated, lonely

The darker the night, the brighter the light
I use my life paying for the life

When lying down
Then find out who I am

How to live the life
There is a way back

The dead reminds the alive
By their own lives

Tolerate for human’s misfortunes
I would feel rich

Wealth would be cold
When lack of human warmth

The world is so immense
People’s hearts are narrow

Human bind themselves
By invisible ropes thought by themselves

The earth is big
But its power is getting smaller in every atom

Outside happiness is in every ray of sunshine
For the rest of life, to hold on to nothing

Mother’s house leaks
Brothers spread their hands
Rain stops
Sunshine is back

What does the sea think, didn’t sleep last night
This early morning, silver waves hit the shore ….

On the way

Walking while sleeping is the way of a long-distance man… I withdraw this from my own unfortunate life. In this unstable life, creating a peaceful life even for a few minutes that is a miracle.
   A car drives at night, everyone is asleep at this time. A star in the sky is watching.
   The field is continuous in the night… sometimes the frogs cry loud and then stay silent…
…While we sleep, the river stays awake. Sometimes the car jumps up because of an obstacle on the road. Each time, someone wakes up.

Small happiness
Unhappiness awaits…
   Every time riding on the long way, I feel happy because my fate is mixed with the fates of many people.
…Sleep brothers, sleep sisters… try our best to continue the long way…