Poems by Mohamed Rahal from Algeria

Επιμέλεια: Εύα Πετροπούλου Λιανού

Mohamed Rahal is an academic, poet, artist and lyricist from Algeria. He is considered one of the most famous poets at the national and international levels. He has participated in several national and international forums, festivals and competitions. He has 14 academic studies and is considered one of the greatest researchers in heritage and has written a collection of songs.

Arab countries forget me
Gaza is all my homelands

Bledal Quds is gone
Ashjani went with her

I wanted to have a home with her
He gives birth in my arms

Our tribalism has been displaced
I separated my walls

Our life with her was betrayed
Betrayal of the perpetrator murderer

Patros is bleeding
The mortal victim is hurt

A child in Gaza cries with joy
He complains about the pain of my sorrows

He listens to Fayrouz’s songs
And Ghassani and Hassani

Bright fury is coming
Zahrat Al-Mada’in II

Its niche prays in hope
Calling all my homelands

The child sees in a cave
His face became mine

We have grudges and invasions
Human conscience erased

Arab countries forget me
Gaza is all my homelands