Poems by Kalipada Ghosh from India

Επιμέλεια: Εύα Πετροπούλου Λιανού


Kalipada Ghosh M.A (English), M.A.(Bengali), M.Phil (1st Class), B.Ed. (Retd. Headmaster) a bi-lingual poet, International Critic, essayist translator humanist, orator and educationist has authored 10 (ten) Books of Poems in English and Bengali including one  in the press, THE WAVES OF HEART. The main theme of his Poetry is based on  Nature, Man, love, world peace , anti-war,humanity and social issues. His poetry is metaphysical , philosophical, romantic as well as realistic. He is the advocate of human rights , humanity and Woman Empowerment. He is also a surrealist poet.
He is a member of the Asiatic society, Kolkata, India.
He has written poems in national and international Anthologies of repute. He is awarded with  many  national and international awards like ORDER OF  SHAKESPEARE MEDAL, KAIRAT DUISSENOV MEDAL for Poetic Excellence from Motivational Strips, World Icon of Literature, Guardian Of World Literature Award Noble Peace Personality Award ,  Certificate of Honor awarded by Motivational Strips with Gujrat Sahitya Academy   on the occasion of 75 th Independence of India. Anniversary, Michael Madhusudan Award, Bibhutibhusan Memorial Award ,Muse-2020 Award, Heritage Head Of The HaVen International and many International Awards.

His poetry is translated into Hindi, Russian  Swedish, Bosnian Croatian Italian Spanish Albanian, French Kyrgyzse Polish Arabic, Portuguese, and many other languages. His poems and criticism have been globally recognized and published in the  esteemed national  and international Magazines. His poetry is being recited in many  international TV Channels for programs, recitations and through many live videos and interviews .He delivers speeches on Poetry and literature in home and abroad. He has participated  and delivered lectures on poetry and literature in many international Poetry festivals.
He has been awarded with the Frederico Garcia Lorka certificate of Honor from Institutio Cultural Colombiano Casa Poetica y Plumas and International Star Poetic Honor from LETRAS DEL CORAZON.
He has been selected as the Contemporary featured poet by the POETRY AND LITERATURE  WORLD VISION . He is associated with International Academy of Ethics.

Kalipada Ghosh India

Kalipada Ghosh

Oh, the angelic toddler
Walking down from the Infinity
A wonderful and miraculous journey
from the ORIGIN and SOURCE

Let  the Children live gleefully and happily
None to steal or spoil the Childhood
They are precious gems and future generation
Innocent,sportive and jolly
Neve blame or to be blamed.
An angelic grace and beauty
With winsome smile
Always frolicsome and  detemined
Immortality of Childhood serenity and sublimity
in soulful cry
They are the white flowers
emitting fragrance,aura and aroma
Love and light with them
Oozing love from their heart
A soulful musing always compassionate
Love children, think of Children
Uplift their noble mind and heart for spreading fragrance.
Oh God ! pour mercy on the beautiful flowers of IMMORTALITY.

Copyrights reserved @Kalipada Ghosh, WB. India.


War is the worst thing
and Poetry is the delicate
and nobler theme.
War should be banned from the world.

War and Peace are antagonistic and antithetic to each other
War brings destruction of human civilization
Demolition and bloodshed
And killing of thousands and thousands of human lives and destruction of national wealth and prosperity.
And threatening of sovereignty of a nation.

Peace brings  love and happiness
Peace of mind, mental health.
A perfect life and human  dignity
Peace, love and solidarity.

War snatches away the smiles of children
Love, mercy  and compassion of Women
Heart and Soul crying and parching
Love and rose are  withered away.
The smile of children dries up slowly.

A maddening war cry
And deafening Sirens
Buzzing sounds of war crafts and bombs
A total devastation of prosperity
And human resources
Bloodshed, death  and killing.

War crafts and Nuclear weapons demolishing
human civilization
A total massacre and infirmity
Of a few generations.
Death Killings, bloodshed and greed.

Destruction and only destruction.

More Poetry and love and less War
Horrors of War
Stop War and hug peace for the survival of  the humanity.

Copyrights reserved Kalipada Ghosh, WB, India.

Kalipada Ghosh

Woman is the salt of the earth and the creation of God.
She is like the Nature herself
Full of love, mercy and compassion.
She is the  embodiment beauty and love.

Womanliness and motherliness
Love sympathy kindness and chastity
are the inherent traits of woman…

Women are the waves of ocean
milk of human kindness
the grandeur of the snow-capped mountain
the greeneries of the verdant woods
and the sanctity  and purity of the temple
Church and mosque.

Mother sister wife are divine Infinite  sublime and sacred as. the Ganga…

They are the source of inspiration and hope
and embodiment of light and love
and dispelling darkness..

I bow down my head to the womanliness

They are not the puppets of Time…

Copyright reserved @Kalipada Ghosh WB, India.