Poems by Ilona Lakatos from Hungary

Επιμέλεια: Εύα Πετροπούλου Λιανού

Short CV: Ilona Lakatos lives in Hungary.
Qualification: Marketing and advertising manager.
She is engaged in writing and painting
It plans and implements international virtual exhibitions.
“Creating People’s Side Virtual International Exhibition”
Founder and manager of a gallery of international artists (CPS).
International PR Consultant {P.L.O.T.S.} ~Creatives Magazine (USA)
She published 13 books, the novel Lusion.
Her writings were also published in anthologies and magazines: Hungary, Slovakia, Italy, Mexico, United States, Trinidad and Tobago…)
She won first place in several competitions and received awards.
(Beijing Mindfulness Literature Museum 2023 “Zheng Nian Cup” Literary Award – Short Story Award).

The little bird

The little bird has finally landed home,

wandered across gardens, continents,

but he found no peace.

He flew in a roaring storm, in a windstorm,

in sunny meadows,

but he found no peace.

He was looking for a home where he is loved,

as the little child is nicknamed.

but they even shot at him.

The little bird has finally landed,

he was wounded, but he felt it

it’s the sweet smell of a home.

It was just a bird feeder full of seeds,

a loving heart put it out into the garden.

He chirped merrily,

returned here daily.

The little bird could finally rest

and found a home.

Joy, love, humanity and peace

There is no peace in your turbulent heart,

you think about tomorrow, about the many difficulties.

You seek the good and the beautiful,

but sometimes only darkness remains for you.

A homeless man walks past you

he doesn’t speak, he just raises his sad eyes to you and you understand the silent plea.

Just a little jingle in your pocket,

blushing, you put it in his hand.

He looks up at you gratefully.

– There is still humanity and love in the world. he says quietly.

Tears fall from your eyes

and nothing is so difficult anymore

Tomorrow is not hopeless either.

your soul is filled with joy and peace.

Autumn memory

On the wall of my room

cheerful dance in the autumn sunbeam.

Illuminates old pictures,

which have long since been lost

in the gloom of bygone times.

But, now all of a sudden,

everything became new and alive.

Grandpa’s voice rings in my ear,

how scared he was, guarding me.

And only

I was the little kid next door.

But, he still laughed happily at me.

Click suddenly, the little grandson also received

it’s already in the pictures.

But, it was a long time ago

for my hair is already autumn.

But, this player, naughty sunbeam

brought forth the happiness of bygone times.