Poems by Hela Jenayah Tekali

Επιμέλεια: Εύα Πετροπούλου Λιανού

Hela Jenayah Tekali is an English teacher, exercising her profession at the Faculty of Sciences of the University of Tunis, Tunisia. She is a young spiritual poetess who started writing poetry four years ago.
Mrs. Tekali is interested in a special theme in poetry which is Spiritual Philosophy. As she puts
“I believe that Spirituality is the essence of human life. There can’t be a real, genuine and transparent vision of truth without a glimpse of Spirituality in our daily life and thereby, there is nothing wiser in the world than to be endowed with spiritual wisdom.” “Spirituality is the Mystical face of religion…. Spirituality is the Mirror that reflects divine vision”. “The soul is the essence of our existence. The human body is a mask, a mere Simulacrum. It is the soul that heals, enlightens our instinct and endows our desperate heart with energy, faith and light.” “A soulless human being is like a beast wondering in a wild desert, unable to control its deep impulses, manipulates its uncontrollable desires, its intense ecstasy and its unmanageable lust after the material world.”

Where is The Truth?
Where is The Truth?
Do you really
speak it out
from your
Where is The Truth ?
Is it placed in the
hands of the superpowers,
Building up bridges
and higher
Where is The Truth?
Is humanity put
upside down
Divinizing man
And harbouring to
his psychic neurosis
And severe
Where isThe Truth ?
When dignity
and rights
of man are silenced,
Can’t you see that
from the sense of
humanism we are
far ahead
distanced ?
Where is The Truth ?
When missiles are
And nations remain mere
When bodies are disgustly
molested under the tyranny
of the big
Where is The Truth?
When honesty
is outspoken
And transparency
is heartbroken
When the criminal’s goal
is hailed
And the
fate is
Where is The Truth ?
When man to man
is a wolf
A Thomas Hobbs ‘s treaty
Alleged like a game of golf
You launch the ball
but you miss the target
You realize that  truth itself is sold
at the low -priced
Where’s The Truth ?
Where madness stole
The purest smiles
And Truth has to walk
a million miles
To catch up with what
rests of humanity
To keep pace with
Man’s sense of

Hela Tekali Jenayah
Copyright 21/10/23

Weapons: Destruction Of Humanity
In the depths of your soul there is a goal
Building humanity to make it a whole
A new generation to put a stop to foolish weaponry
A massive destruction to man’s dignity.
Destroying one another in the name of religion
Humanity and love are the truest temple and the wisest mission
Children of Palestine will be held as Martyrs
They will be alive In our hearts
And their smile we will always admire.
Their eternal flame neither dims nor fades
Despite missiles and weaponry we will remember their shades
No one can ever shake our truest belief
Altruism and compassion fuel our souls with relief
Palestine you will be held high beyond man’s destruction
Despite terrorists’ hardened hearts
A stroke of hope will redeem your resurrection
Your unwavering faith will shine so bright
Taking you beyond this darkest night
Like Moses and Haroon you will defy this conspiracy
Avenging the Pharaoh of the time and the barbarism of his weaponry.
We will always stand by your side Palestine
Your pending cries will soon be healed by the divine.

Hela Tekali
Copyright 18 /10/23

Tesla Saw It All
Tesla saw in electricity the true vision of light
His genius travelled beyond the speed of light
A seclusion which led to his inspiring thought
Under his spell thunder itself was strinkingly caught.
Tesla was born in a day where lightning struck
Physicists were stunned by his creative track
All came to him in a vision when he was a child
Devastated by the death of a brother the source of his pride.
He was still unseen by others he stood alone
Generating electrical power from the rib of a stone
Tesla is a Toiler of light obsessed by numbers
He saw a lot of energy while others did still stumble.
His genius transcended by far that of Einstein
As a mystic man nestled in His holy shrine
His love for electricity pushed him to see the light
Going beyond the day of his birth where lightning hit so bright.
Edison himself was envious of his unique genius
Alternating Current surging from Planet Venus
An unprecented beauty of intellect and mind that saw it all
A fluctuating source of energy was Tesla with his amazing rise and fall.
A telepathy of souls that attracted kindle spirits together
Beyond time and space they are flying with their winged feathers
Like two eagles transcending the boundaries of time
For the flow of Tesla’s electricity united them in this perfect rhyme.

Jenayah Hela Tekali
Copyright 28/04/20