Poems by Christos Dikbasanis

Επιμέλεια: Εύα Πετροπούλου Λιανού

BIO: CHRISTOS DIKBASANIS is a poet, writer and scholar of religions. He was born in Thessaloniki, Greece, where he graduated from the Theological School of the Aristotle University. He holds a Master’s Degree from the Theological School with a specialization in Religious Studies. It has also been included in the “Great Encyclopedia of Mondern Greek Literature” of Haris Patsi publications and in the “Who’s Who” of journalists. He has been honored with many national and international awards for his poems.



Tired traveler
you feel alone in the world
but you should know
how someone great
someone infinitely powerful,
resourceful, indestructible, majestic
he is eagerly waiting for you
on reddish planets
to caress your dreams
to rise again
your desires from sleep,
to tend to your wounds
Waiting for you
You are always on his mind
Whatever happens to you is ready
to cure it,
to erase wounds and memories that hurt you
Wait and see
in the mirror of the Universe
to look at you with lust
It’s your trusted friend



My brave friend
if someday come visit me
to my white tomb
don’t bring me flowers
which wither immediately
Bring me your feet
that walked along with mine
to the ends of the Earth
Bring me your hands
who fought alongside me
at the ends of the Universe
for a few crumbs of freedom
Bring me your body
which was badly received along with mine,
when otherworldly forms struggled to destroyed
our dreams and desires
Bring me your mouth
who shouted hymns of victory
along with mine
Bring me your eyes
who looked in awe
the beauty of unknown places
along with mine
Bring me your face that hurt so much
from the envy, the hatred, the malice of the world
along with mine
Bring your memories
for all those insurmountable moments
that we lived together
and beat my forgetfulness
Oh, my devoted friend
if you can’t give me all that,
then just bring to me
the Spring of your tears!



You come from the Universe
Inside a golden box
you bring me the gift of life
You reverently place her in my hands

I feel your coming
I feel you next to me
I hear your breath
You smell vanilla and basil
Your fingers are wet from interstellar travel
You tenderly caress my dreams and desires
You carefully collect the drops of my sweat
You gaze upon the firmament with your piercing eyes,
urging me to come up there with you
But I have so many obligations
and so many regrets down here on Earth
I don’t have time for travels, my friend

You hold a bundle of yellow ears of corn in your hands
You took them out of the field of things I didn’t do
or didn’t get to bring to life
You wet your hair with the foam
of the early summer sea
You open one last bottle of wine
with a rich flavor from the passage of centuries
which were irretrievably lost
Above us a bright sun
it blows my mind

You come from the Universe
tenderly show me that our common future
isn’t here on the Earth but beyond in the stars,
in the deep embrace of infinity
We belong there,
me and you my lonely friend,
faithful friend of my life.