Poems by Alam Mahbub from Bangladesh

Επιμέλεια: Εύα Πετροπούλου Λιανού

Bio: The poet Alam Mahbub took birth in 31 October in 1962 at the deputy bari, Latur Poyar, upozella Gouripur, district of Mymensingh.
He earned the higher education Honours and Masters in Bengali language and literature in Mymensingh Ananda Mohan College. Now he is in a profession as a worker in a private business farm at Ishwarganj of Mymensingh.
His published books are
1. Jao Preme Jao Biplobe (February 1990)
2. Ghar Dake Rajpath Dake (February 2018)
3. Amar Behala Jane (Ekushey Book Fair 2019)
4. Daki Jadi Shara Dio (February 21, 2022)
5. Ek Je Chilo Sonar Konnya (Novel — February 2017)
Occasionally he writes and translates poetry into English.

I hear a sound by Alam Mahbub

I hear a sound —
The sound is coming from far away
The sound is coming from very deep.

The sound is raising up of the hands
The sound is a collectively feet.

The sound is the rustle of falling leaves —
The sound is a promise of a new dream.
The sound is like the sound of a river’s wave,
The sound is like a gust of winds.

The sound is coming in flames —
The sound is coming with the sound of thunder.

The sound is coming up the stairs –
The sound is coming from deep in the chest.

It’s the sound of a fog breaking —
It’s the sound of breaking the frozen ice of a miserable black night.

The sound is the sound of the mountain collapsing —
The sound is the sound to destroy everything.
The sound is the sound of liberation—
The sound is a blind sound.

Silent Beauty by Alam Mahbub

Men are nothing but a poem of loves and hate

If anyone wants their direction
It seems in the world like a ghostly face.

Flowers and birds also mingle in the soil,
But it doesn’t live in the shadows
And enjoying the silent beauty of evening braid,
The mathematicians play with natural fascination in the chemistry of life

The leaves are nothing but the stream of desire
And noises are mostly vain in the dark world.

In All Those Backgrounds by Alam Mahbub

Man has gone so far on feet
Into the dark of the night
When the light of the day goes by heat.
The lamp at dawn is lit as the kite.

There’s the light is in women’s love
Then the dispute is settled
So the lives are a chorus laugh
She comes and extends her hand.

And all the stars of night
Everything else is also goes lost
Reaches on the earth and height
With the valuable cost.

And in all those background
The heart seeks into the sun is found.