National Corn Day X edition of Designing Mexico, Corn and Identity

Επιμέλεια: Εύα Πετροπούλου Λιανού

Last Friday, September 29, National Corn Day, from the UNIVERSIDAD DEL VALLE DE ATEMAJAC UNIVA CAMPUS QUERÉARO, was held as every year, the X EDITION OF DESIGNING MEXICO, CORN AND IDENTITY Mil Mentes Por México Internacional Unión Hispanomundial de Escritores – UHE Academia Latinoamericana de Literatura Moderna UNAccc Argentina and MMMex Inteligencia EDUCA thanks to sister institutions such as the University Sor Juana Fashion College Hotel Diamante Querétaro Carol Baur School

Honor was given to the illustrious figure of Dr. hc. Miguel Gleason Berumen, who is one of the greatest references of Mexico abroad, being the researcher in charge of making the records since 2001 of all the objects of Mexican cultural heritage in Europe. The result has been condensed into six multimedia projects with the presence of Mexico in France, Great Britain, Italy and the Vatican, Spain, Germany, Austria, Belgium, Holland, Denmark, Switzerland, Czech Republic, Hungary, Poland, Ireland, Sweden and Finland, 17 countries where about 9 thousand objects have been registered in 320 cities, covering about 450 museums,  churches, libraries and organizations with works of Mexican origin or theme, among which the Penacho de Moctezuma stands out, which is located in Austria Vienna. He concluded the book México insólito en Europa and is the producer of the film El Reencuentro 500 años Moctezuma y Cortés.

The UNIVA QUERÉTARO was the headquarters of such an important event, since its foundation UNIVA, has promoted any cultural manifestation that promotes, any expression, or cultural creation that enlarges science, research, knowledge and history where culture and fine arts merge. For UNIVA, promoting peace, harmony and unity is a priority to encourage in its community, the elimination of any sign of violence, resentment, spirit of division or revenge. In UNIVA with the clarity of the work in favor of PEACE for the integral development of the human being by the hand of the alliance of Global Leaders UHE MMPM AMLHAC UNACCC, has committed itself in strength to develop disciplines that promote study, research, culture and the arts in conjunction with the World Academy of Youth of Literature,  History, Art and Culture, always seeking the construction of a culture of peace for the common good, transcendence and development.

“Designing Mexico Edition X” Corn and Identity, was according to the authorities of the Querétaro Campus of  utmost importance, because in these times of war and social decomposition, every cultural action that can impregnate universal values to the entire UNIVA community and to all society in general in the search for world peace must be embraced.






La Prof. Arq. Jeanette Tiburcio Márquez, Founding President of Mil Mentes por México, CEO UNACCC LATAM, Ambassador of Peace and Deputy President of the World Academy of Literature, History, Art and Culture, representing the organizations she represents and their presidents: HE. Prof. Dr. Rajat Sharma UNACCC GLOBAL, and the Deputy Presidents of the Alliance: Presidents Prof. Dr. Carlos Hugo Garrido Chalén Executive President of the Hispanic World Union of Writers, Prof. Dr. Francisco Xavier Ramírez Sánchez, President Emeritus of the Latin American Academy of Modern Literature and Prof. Dr. Eduardo Carreón Muñóz HEADMASTER Inteligencia Educa, expressed in the act the need to propagate throughout Mexico,  America and the World the Film of the Illustrious Dr. hc. Miguel Gleason, which is more than a documentary, is a film of reconciliation and healing, in the act with the support of Master Marcela Aldrete and Master Elena López, the reception was given to the honoree and the emblematic documentary of the historical embrace of the descendants of Hernán Cortés and Moctezuma was screened,  as a symbol of reconciliation to strengthen the greatness of Mexico, with the heirs of the dynasties.

From the hand of Prof. Arq. Jeanette Tiburcio, Dr. Miguel Gleason received the World Award for Excellence CORN AND IDENTITY 2023 from Mil Mentes Por México Internacional, along with the commemorative medal ÁGUILA DE ORO from  the Hispanic World Union of Writers – UHE in an emotional ceremony that featured great guests and personalities such as the Illustrious Gloria Sosa and the notables Gabriela Anduiza,  Peregrina Aguilar Rivas and Bartholomeus Henri Van de Velde from Belgium.

Within the framework of the event, the PEACE TREATY, PACT OF NATIONS, was signed, based on the highest values of the MORAL CONTRACT PACT OF NATIONS written by Dr. Carlos Hugo Garrido Chalén and  Academic Tiburcio Márquez  for Stockholm Project 2033 Global Leader in order to establish opportunities for a more just and democratic society,  in the search for the common good in favor of children and young people of all nations, drawing actions where through Literature, Art, Education and culture can consolidate a better quality of life that guarantees our harmonized and peaceful permanence on the planet. And in the act the Attaché of Cultural Affairs of the Embassy of Mexico for the Holy Vatican See, expressed his full support and ratified with his signature the actions in favor of Mexico and its cultural family of Mil Mentes por México Internacional and the Alliance of Global Leaders. The signing was joined by the support of the Presidium, signed by Master Aldrete, Master López, Doctor of Honor Van de Velde, Doctor of Honor Aguilar Rivas and the President of the Alliance Tiburcio Márquez.

The Reunion. 500 years Moctezuma and Cortés The Reencounter. 500 years Moctezuma and Cortés

A documentary healing film by Miguel Gleason.

Mexico is the fusion of 2 cultures represented mainly by the Aztec emperor Moctezuma and by the Spanish conquistador Hernán Cortés. The descendants gathered 500 years later, on exactly the same date and in the same place as their ancestors to give each other a reconciling embrace. If Mexico is the fusion of two cultures, why is there still, among certain Mexicans, a kind of grudge against the Spaniards? And why is there still a kind of contempt for native peoples?

The committed youth of the Headquarters University UNIVA CAMPUS QUERÉTARO and the Guest University of Fashion Design, SOR JUANA FASHION COLLEGE, witnessed the event with emotion, pride and commitment expressing their interest in culture and the dissemination of the film and the strengthening of national identity in the world.

The event took place with total harmony and strength, with a total success after the support of all the teachers and administrators of the participating universities, highlighting the valuable support of Brenda and Chucho Picón.