Karishma Mani: “Meet the girl who hold 15 world records 700+awards and 23 honarary doctorates on her name”

karishma mani: Η πιο διάσημη ηθοποιός στην Ινδία. Όχι μόνο γιατι είναι η ιδια Πολυτάλαντη αλλά και για το διαφορετικό χρώμα στα μάτια της

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Karishma Mani beautiful girl with two different colour eyes

Mani with her two coloured eyes wears many hats with her incredible talents as a model, actress an anchor journalist If eyes could speak then, the world would have run insane for listening to some of those rare people’s eyes who have “congenital Heterochromia iridum”.

Today we will talk about a rare thing. Why Rare because out of 1000 people, only six of them get it. For the girls whom we are writing is not a disease; it is a god gift. Yes, the gift of two colour eyes.

Karishma Mani, a girl who is blessed with two colour eyes. Talking about her stunning eyes, she is blessed with fabulous colour eyes, her one colour of her left eye is blackish brown/chocolate brown which is both eye color of her Moms eyes and eye right colour is hazel which is her Fathers both eye color.

Her right eye has a brilliant shade of hazel, which is a fantastic combination of brown-green while her left eye is a spectacular chocolate brown colour. 

Karishma Mani born on 7th March 1990 hails from Adipur, Kutch Gujrat & is gradually making a name in the whole of India with her not just her exceptional eyes but the extraordinary talents she possesses.

This young girl is not only recognised for her unique eyes but is also making a name for herself by holding several records for the related.

She holds 15 world records already namely; India book of records 2020, Asia book of records 2020 (in the category Grand Master), Exclusive world records, Uttar Pradesh world records, Assist world records, cosmos world record, bharat book of records, star emica national pirde record, indian book of records, bihar book of records etc.

Not just this, Mani is also garnering name & fame by being an actress as she keeps getting several offers as a model, actress, journalist & a host.

Karishma Mani the Reporter, Actor Anchor, Model, Journalist.

She is also a press reporter with GTPL Live Gujarat News as well as with Maa News, Tahelka news, Republic india today news Adding to her merits, Mani has been even a Gold medalist of Kutch in 2010 in English Literature.

Till now the young girl from Kutch has already worked in two films; “Vardhan” & “Duniya Dil Waran Ji” for which she has also been bestowed with awards.

She has also received an award for being the best anchor of Kutch & Sindhi Film Actress. 

She is the perfect example of beauty & grace & for that soon she could be seen in many TV shows, serials & more films.  Recently she got featured as a model in world famous coffeetable poetry anthological book name words come from soul in whicha national international and world record holder poets wrote poem on her beauty.