International Festival of poets – Egypt

We are honored to announce a celebration and appreciation of the great path and work of art the Global poet Eva Petropoulou Lianou.

This is the International Festival of art, the Week of the Poet and the Prize Will be by the name of the International author Eva Petropoulou Lianou.

The competition of poets Will be held for a week by the name of the president of the International Festival of Poets Who Write in English and Greek from December 23, 2021 to January 1, 2022.

The Announcement of the the winners names Will be on January the 5th and the 6th 2022.

The Conditions of the compétition each poet is kindly asked to send two poems to the newspaper’s official page via messages from December 23 to January 1st.

Each candidate has to send to inbox of the group the two poems. The name Country Photograph Biography and profile.

The winners will receive the poet’s award with a certificate of appreciation by the name of the poet approved by the newspaper and the co-sponsoring bodies Testimonials, poems and personal photos of the winners Will be published in the newspaper.

Together with their biography and profile.

The President of the International Festival of Poets Eva Petropoulou Lianou.

Official Sponsor Themoment International Newspaper In cooperation with  #International Federation for the Defense of Human Rights in Mexico

#Moroccan Association Siham El Khair

The world international arena for arts, culture and peace. 

#Arada Center for Communication and Skills Development 

#Association_Heart_Egypt Al-Rihani Academy of Acting and Film Direction. 

The third week of the International Festival of Arts and Culture of The moment International Newspaper.

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Good luck to all participants poets 
Presidente of the International Festival Week of poets 
Eva Petropoulou Lianou