HYPERPOEM: A unique project by Alexander Kabishev – Anthology for World GUINESS record

Ανθολογία για το Παγκοσμίο Ρεκόρ Γκίνες

We invite you to take part in the HYPERPOEM project aimed at popularizing literary creativity and participating in the Guinness Book of Records nomination.

The aim of the “HYPERPOEMA” project is to present the author’s work and strengthen international relations of authors from different countries, as well as to establish a world record and the subsequent release of a collection of poetry.

To participate, you need to write one quatrain and fill out a participant questionnaire.

The themes for all submitted quatrains should be “INTERNATIONAL COOPERATION or INTERNATIONAL FRIENDSHIP”.

Quatrains containing a call to violence, insulting any social groups or corrupting will not be included in the project! A commission of independent experts will monitor the progress of the project and the correctness, as well as the individuality of filling out the questionnaire.

All questionnaires must be unique and filled out by individual authors, collected by regional ambassadors under the supervision of an independent commission. After collecting all the author’s manuscripts, the complete work will be nominated for the Guinness Book of Records (the largest number of authors in one collection). The final stage of the project is the release of the collection of the same name – “HYPERPOEM”.


We are waiting for your quatrains, see the examples in the attachment, and write questions in the comments or messages of the group administration!Please send completed questionnaires and quatrains to the following email address:
[email protected] or in FB by personal message:
https://www.facebook.com/alexander.kabishev.7/ with the code word “HYPERPOEM”.