Beatriz Saavedra: “I wish that poetry expands, share the word with friends from all over the world…”

Επιμέλεια συνέντευξης: Εύα Πετροπούλου Λιανού

Beatriz Saavedra, Mexican. Master of Arts from the University of Barcelona, Spain. She is a writer, researcher, poet, essayist and academic. PhD in L.E. Co-director of Editorial Floricanto, A.C. Author of 18 poetry books and two essay books. She directs the “Alicia Reyes” Literary Creation Workshop at the Alfonsina Chapel (INBAL), and is director of the “Poetics of Intelligence” conference cycle at the Women’s Museum (UNAM) and the “Feminine Dialogues with Alfonso Reyes” (INBAL), is co-director of the National Network of Alfonsina Women. Director of the center for women’s studies at the National Academy of History and Geography UNAM and is director of the Festival “La mujer en las letras”  of the ANHG UNAM. She coordinates the poetic radio program of the intelligence in “women to the tribune”. He has received numerous awards and his poetry has been translated into more than 15 languages.

Please share your thoughts about the  future of literature. When you start writing? I started writing when I was a girl, perhaps I was only 7 years old, but the world already had an enormous impact on me and I had to somehow tell the things that made my soul vibrate. Since then I have known and recognized myself in the world through the words that tell life.

The Good and the Bad. Who is winning in nowadays? Neither good nor bad, life is charged with reality and reality with truth and this with words; there is light and shadow, life and death, there is a balance between both opposites and that is what makes life so rich and extraordinary, the word is invented and lives between these two senses and contradictions, reality or sign, time present, linear or cyclical, we play to exist every day, to ignore the plausible patterns of the universe, good, bad, white, black, opening or closing our eyes does not make a difference, we only exist, we are always looking for the opposite side where we can recognize ourselves.

How many books have you written? And where can we find your books? I have published 18 poetry books and two essay books. They can be found in Mexico, Spain, China, Canada, Argentina, Chile and in Greece there is a book in the Saixpirikon publishing house.

The book. E book or Hardcover book. What will be the future? It is a topic that has been talked about a lot in recent years, I think that paper books will not end, it is a very different experience reading on a screen or reading it in a paper book, feeling the texture of the pages, the smell of paper and the sensation of the senses, the weight on the hands enrich the reading in the brain, allowing a better capture and conservation of the information that is read, in addition, I think that we lovers of reading, lovers of books.

A wish for 2023. A phrase from your book. I wish that the word does not end, that it always finds the way and the revelation, that poetry expands, share the word with friends from all over the world, I wish that my poetry reaches many places, that it makes a difference.

I go among the indivisible crowd


enemy of light and sound.

my voice is a crash

impetuous throbbing

that runs through the illuminated dream,

the faithful cry of my word.