Article: How to manage your time by Shuchi Sharma


THE Author of this VALUABLE PIECE Shuchi Sharma been fighting against an incurable neurological disorder Posthypoxic dystonia from past 21 yrs.

Επιμέλεια: Εύα Πετροπούλου Λιανού

How to manage your time because life beyond work is a lot more meaningful, at least a little more meaningful than what we lead.

If you carefully observe this is something one should take care of
Most people in the twenty-four hours that we have per day are more preoccupied than busy. That means, their thoughts and their own emotions are such a big issue, that most of their time is spent dealing with them. They may be working but in their work, a lot of struggles are going on within themselves.

What could happen very simply?

Unfortunately, it  happens with a lot of difficulties.
If you are in any kind of sport or any creativity, you know that a little struggle means that your ball will go somewhere else, your ragam, and thalam will go somewhere else, and your painting will go somewhere else.  Nothing will happen properly.  In other words, what could happen very simply, unfortunately, happens with a lot of difficulties. This is mainly because they have been given a gadget or a phenomenal machine, which is a human mechanism, and above all, a phenomenal dimension called the mind. They are trying to operate this phenomenal machine or a gadget, or a computer, if you would like to call it, without reading the user’s manual.

Every day, struggling with their own stuff
It doesn’t get solved before they are twenty or something. Till their last day on their deathbed, they are still struggling with the same things-, their thoughts and their emotions. If they learn to sort this out very early in life, it can be surely said they can work half the number of hours that they are working, and be more productive than the way they are right now.

What happens when you work hard

You can live life with ease, not in struggle. There are many young people, wonderful people, who are getting recognised for whatever wonderful things they have done. Leaving them apart, generally, work means always being working hard.  Nobody told them they must work joyfully. Nobody told them their work should be an expression of their joy or an expression of their joy, or their love. They have to work hard. If you work hard, life will be tedious. How else will it be?
What happens when you do something hard

If you do something hard, it is only because you don’t know how to do it.  If you know how to do it, you will do it with ease. So, without learning how to do something, if you try to do it, without investing enough time in perception, if life is all expression, then life becomes a big struggle. Most people are not doing anything except earning a living and maybe reproducing and dying one day. They may believe they are doing many things but this is all they are doing- Eating, sleeping, reproducing, dying one day. That is such a big fuss.

Every other creature is able to do these things

From an earthworm to an insect, to anything and anything. Everybody is doing this. They all earn their own living. They eat, they sleep, they reproduce and finally, they die.
With one-millionth of our brain, they can do it. With this big brain, human beings are struggling, — not with the things they are doing, they’re struggling with the brain itself.

When your intelligence turns against you

Their intelligence has become a serious problem. What is the biggest boon in our life, and what is the greatest benefit in our life. It is our intelligence, this has become a problem because they don’t know how to hold it, they don’t know how to use it. Constantly, it works against them.
When it is said that it works against you, people may call all kinds of names, and may use all kinds of words to describe this. They may call it stress, they may call it tension, they may call it misery, they may call it depression, they may call it anxiety, they may call it madness.
Essentially, it’s your intelligence turned against you. Your intelligence is not working for you, it’s working against you.

Where is the need to work hard

This is a serious mistake, a whole generation of people have done that if you study, you should study hard. If you work, how should you work, you must work hard. Why didn’t they tell you that you should work joyfully? Why didn’t they tell you that you should work lovingly? No, you must do everything hard and then you complain. And then you complain about everything in life and still make it hard. There is substantial medical and scientific evidence to show you, but only when you are in a pleasant state of experience, do your body and your brain work at their best. Is that important, for you to perform any activity in life well, that your body and your brains are working well? Is it important?


At least your body and mind should work for you. Nobody else may work for you, but it doesn’t matter. If your mind and body are working for you, you are bound to live blissfully, gracefully, and effectively as a natural consequence.