Article by Dr Jernail S Anand from India 

Επιμέλεια: Εύα Πετροπούλου Λιανού



(A psycho-spiritual thriller by author of world classic Lustus: The Prince of Darkness)

MANECA stands for a human character
who is a thorough-bred Lustusian.

An excerpt from that epic in which you come across Maneca, a divine being, slowly losing his glittering wings, which are replaced with waxen wings, flapping which he finds himself grounded to the earth, losing his capability to fly to ethereal regions.

What happens to this celestial being who us trapped in this earth, and its conspiracies. When he reaches his God, gods mistake him for a Devil.

Maneca, the fallen angel, record this harrowing journey of a celestial being into the denizen of the underworld.


A man and a woman are fighting
And injuring each other.

Their bodies ooze blood

An angel comes:

You are husband and wife
Are you enemies?

Yes, we are husband and wife.
But she knows me
More than she should
And I know her more than I should.


You would be happy
Had you stayed in comparative ignorance.


Ohh how I wish.
They had stayed in ignorance!

Now I get why they do not trust me.
I prescribed ignorance, innocence
And passivity
The foundation of peace
Happiness, and divinity.

But they have chosen
The activist route
Which leads straight
Into the heart of barbarity


Non-listening Race!

God to Angels:

Save our animals, birds, insects,
Waters and winds
From ‘Selfie’
That ‘homovid vaccine’
Developed in the Witchs’ Cauldron
By Lustus.

Greda, the Goddess of Greed
Poured human blood into the Vaccine
They will leave behind
Their divinity
And turn human.

Human means:
Jealousy,  hoarding, greeding,
Fighting, battles, wars,
Troy, Mahabharata, Ramayana
Shall we have to witness.
Agamemnons among our trees?
Duryodhans among our lions?
The idea of Helen and Faustus!!
In my divine creation!!!

Save them from the idea of religion
A human invention
Which meant love for their God.
And to shepherd
Man’s vagrant passions back
To their divinity

But alas! how much barbarity I see
It has divided mankind vertically.
It will divide my Nature.
Can I afford a war in my Oceans
My winds?
If my trees lose their calm
And turn human
Become restless and start
Hoarding their shade?

Ohh No. Avi.(a god)
Let this not happen.
Restrain Lustus in his plans.
Spread the word in the whole creation
Beware of Men!!!